Pope Francis offers a small silver crucifix to people present for the Angelus, distributed by poor, refugees and volunteers. "But who do you say I am? Jesus today asks this question ... of each of us ". The mission of Jesus "is accomplished not in the wide road of success, but in the arduous path of the suffering Servant". "We find happiness only when love, the real love, meets us, surprises us, changes us". Applause for Don Pino Puglisi and Sicilians.

| 16/09/2018
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by Wang Zhicheng
According to the Associated Press, Chinese authorities sat on information concerning the genome of the virus for weeks, allowing it to spread worldwide and become a pandemic. The World Health Organisation praised China in order to get it to release more ...
| 03/06/2020
by Bernardo Cervellera
The green light for the national security law, has saddened a large part of the Territory's population while the social networks on the mainland celebrate. The "war" between China and the USA, regardless of the rights of the local population. ...
| 29/05/2020
The Chinese president had pledged to erase poverty by the end of 2020. Since the start of the year, 380,000 more Chinese are on the edge of poverty. Officially, 5.5 million are poor. Tens of millions of migrant workers have become uneployed because of ...
| 26/05/2020
The theme of the rite, which will be broadcast worldwide from the Lourdes Grotto in the Vatican gardens, at 5.30 pm, will be "Devoted and with one accord to prayer, together with Mary (cf. Acts 1:14)". The Virgin will be asked for help and assistance ...
| 26/05/2020
The closures imposed by the virus provide an opportunity for "meditation and reflection" on Christ's teachings to mature "in faith and vocation". The crisis is "violent" but "transitory" and humanity will emerge "stronger". The return to faith, the ...
| 26/05/2020
Starting today, the Christian leaders announce the green light to entrances, for a maximum of 50 people. Respect for social distance and the obligation to wear personal protective equipment are fundamental. In the Islamic Republic, Shiite mosques and ...
| 26/05/2020
by Stefano Caprio
He was among the most influential personalities in the transition from the Soviet Union to federal Russia. He worked for Tass for 37 years; he was the first Soviet correspondent accredited by the Vatican Press Office. He defended religious freedom in ...
| 25/05/2020
by Paul Wang
Most of those arrested are accused of illegal gathering. Yesterday was the first mass demonstration during the lockdown, which bans rallies with more than eight people. Wang Yi tries to calm public opinion. But the democratic movement is planning another ...
| 25/05/2020
Paddy Cutting
India - 14 May prayer
Orissa Migrants
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