The 37-year-old Egyptian-American won for playing Freddy Mercury. Relatives and neighbours in his family’s hometown of Upper Egypt are ecstatic for the victory. The Coptic actor is celebrated as a national hero, like Muslim footballer Salah. Emigration and anti-Christian violence loom in the background.

| 27/02/2019

The Christian doctor arrived this morning at Delhi International Airport with his children. The Indian-born US citizen can return to treat the poor in Bihar.

| 27/02/2019

North Korea’s leader says he will do his best to produce a "great outcome", praises the US president for his "courageous decision" to make the meeting possible in Vietnam. The two leaders will continue negotiations tomorrow. For Trump, tomorrow will be a busy day.

| 27/02/2019
by Nirmala Carvalho

Fernando Szlajen is attending the plenary assembly of the Pontifical Academy for Life. This year's theme is "Roboethics. Humans, Machines and Health ". For the rabbi, “there is a common denominator among religions,” that technology “came to serve human beings and not human beings serve technology."

| 27/02/2019

“No threat or intimidation can stop me from carrying on with my spiritual and pastoral duties,” says the bishop of Caloocan, a harsh critic of Duterte's controversial war on drugs, and the victim in recent months of the president’s unproven accusations.

| 27/02/2019

He fit in the hands of an adult, but now weighs 3,238 pounds and feeds normally. The survival rate of premature baby boys is lower than that of girls. Infant mortality in Japan is among the lowest ever.

| 27/02/2019
by Vladimir Rozanskij
| 27/02/2019

Miners caught out by collapse of inadequate tunnel scaffolding. By 8 o'clock this morning, the bodies of the victims recovered and 15 people rescued. The authorities are confident that they will find many missing people alive: rescue teams hear their voices.

| 27/02/2019

Chief of Quds force says he is still responsible for Iranian diplomacy. President Rouhani did not accept his decision to leave office. Lack of invitation to meet with Assad and the growing dissatisfaction with Minister’s role in government.

| 27/02/2019

Islamabad confirms that it has captured an Indian pilot. Yesterday, the Delhi Air Force bombed Pakistani territory to destroy a terrorist training camp. Over 350 dead. Experts believe that the recent violence blocked the BJP's political manifesto for the upcoming elections.

| 27/02/2019
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by Nirmala Carvalho
Millions of people made unemployed, return to their villages of origin. Premier Modi apologizes for the difficulties caused by the total blockade. Parishes, dioceses and Christian associations assist migrants, Dalits and refugees. Priest: "They call ...
| 30/03/2020
by Papa Francesco
The pontiff holds an "extraordinary moment of prayer" for the end of the coronavirus epidemic. "The Lord asks us and, in the midst of our tempest,” urges to show solidarity and have hope, above all to be converted. “It is a time to get our ...
| 27/03/2020
Many experts concur that the South Korean model of tracing and tracking the coronavirus emergency is a model to be emulated. The bishop of Daejeon praises the actions of the authorities and praises the citizens' response. "They showed great love ...
| 27/03/2020
by Lu Haitao
During the epidemic, the dead were cremated immediately, without ceremonies and without specifying the cause of death. Now family members are waiting to bury the urns containing the ashes of their loved ones. About 45,000 urnes will be distributed in ...
| 27/03/2020
by Bernardo Cervellera
Papers and new broadcasts give ample space to the so-called Chinese “aid” to Italy to counter the coronavirus epidemic. Angela Merkel: It is reciprocity. A massive advertising campaign with China victorious over Covid-19, leaving aside the ...
| 18/03/2020
As the country enters its tenth year of civil war, the situation remains critical. Hospitals are on their knees, hundreds of thousands of people are dead, and new humanitarian emergencies unfold. Fr Georges, a Blue Marist, a month ago thought that the ...
| 18/03/2020
by Renzo Milanese
There is no irrefutable evidence, but signs, rumors, testimonies and coincidences. For the US, the virus is a "Chinese coronavirus", or "Wuhan", the work of laboratories in China. Beijing’s counter charge: It was brought to Wuhan by US military ...
| 13/03/2020
by Fady Noun
Christians and Muslims trust the saint to be spared from illnesses. Devotees have been taking the earth that covers his ancient sepulchre. A young woman claims that he appeared to her in a dream and entrusted her with a mission. Thanks to her, people ...
| 10/03/2020
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Entry of Hubei people rejected, massive protest ensued
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