by Nirmala Carvalho

Charges of failing to act in a rape case involving a priest were laid against the archbishop and his two auxiliary bishops. The accused continue to offer full support to the victim and his family.

| 02/07/2019
by Trung Tin

Pastoral activities took place following local traditions over a two-day period. On 27 June, the community celebrated a solemn Mass in honour of Mary, Mother of Perpetual Help. Fr Thomas Nguyễn Văn Thượng said: "We entrust our lives into her hands".


| 02/07/2019

18-year-old Zaira Wasim is a famous star of Indian cinema.  Being in the spotlight would have "dragged me away from faith, along a path of ignorance".  Muslim activist: "Pressures from society.  She pays the price of being a female, Muslim, Kashmiri and actress ".


| 02/07/2019

Yangon military region commander donated thousands of dollars to a foundation banned by religious authorities. The Buddha Dhamma Prahita Foundation supports Wirathu, a monk known as the Buddhist bin Laden. The Myanmar military and Buddhist ultra-nationalists are united against the democratic process.

| 02/07/2019

The Chinese own 150 of the 156 hotels and guesthouses, 48 ​​casinos out of 62, 41 karaoke, 46 massage parlours, plus 95 per cent of 436 restaurants. With Chinese investments, the crime rate is also up. There are fears for national identity, employment opportunities for locals, cash flow and the environment, as well as social security problems. Experts warn against Beijing’s “invasion”.

| 02/07/2019
by Vladimir Rozanskij

The Russian president will meet the pontiff on 4 July.  This is the fifth time that Putin has gone to the Vatican.  The topic of the interview: the instability of international relations, the crisis in the Middle East, the fate of Syria, the problem of nuclear disarmament, the situation in Iran.  The "tsar" defends the Catholic Church, "attacked by liberal ideologies".  Vatican neutral towards the Ukrainian problem.  At the same time, the hearing for Ukrainian Greek Catholics.


| 02/07/2019

The demonstrations that agitate the Territory are stained by acts of violence: "Christians must say no to hatred and fight against the darkness".  Carrie Lam condemns "radical protesters, ready for anything".  Democratic deputies kneel before young people: "Let us remain peaceful".


| 02/07/2019
by Kamran Chaudhry

The prelate is a man of culture: he was deputy director of the Major Seminary in Karachi and dean of the National Catholic Theology Institute.  He will be consecrated in September.  Local priest: "We hope that he will convince Christians to attend school.  Otherwise they will remain lifelong scavengers”.


| 02/07/2019

Rain of criticism for the caption of a photo published on the internet: Mujahid Yusof Rawa has "aligned" with Beijing official version.  In Xinjiang about 1 million Uyghurs and other Turkic Muslims are detained.  For Beijing, "vocational training centers" are vital in the fight against separatism and radicalism.


| 02/07/2019

Scientists will study pathogens in Musashimurayama, a city west of the capital. The local mayor of approved testing despite residents' objections. Haemorrhagic fevers can only be transmitted through contact between human beings.

| 02/07/2019
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The blast damaged Caritas headquarters. The charity is “ready to hand out aid,” said Fr Paul Karam, who stresses that “psychological support" to victims’ families is also fundamental. Some 200 employees and volunteers divided ...
| 05/08/2020
by Pierre Balanian
The toll from yesterday’s blasts now stands at 100 dead and more than 4,000 injured, but many people are still missing under collapsed buildings. Some ships in Beirut harbour have dead and injured on board. Hospitals are full, whilst medicine warehouses ...
| 05/08/2020
by Bernardo Cervellera
A private US company, Recorded Future, detected the espionage operation against the mail servers of the Vatican Secretariat of State, the Diocese of Hong Kong, and the Holy See’s Study Mission in Hong Kong, which acts as a quasi-nunciature. PIME’s ...
| 29/07/2020
A few months before the expiration of the Provisional Agreement on appointing new bishops, lay people, priests and bishops wonder about the effects it has had on the life of Christian communities in China. The Vatican is hoping to renew the agreement; ...
| 16/07/2020
by Wang Zhicheng
The blackmail of the Jinzhou authorities: you can reopen the churches - after the pandemic - if you ban entry to minors. Mgr. Jia Zhiguo, 83, has been a bishop since 1980 and is responsible for a community of over 150,000 faithful, with a hundred priests ...
| 10/07/2020
by Marian Demir
Since yesterday, pro-Erdogan Turkish media are reporting that the Council of State has already "unanimously" decided to transform the Christian basilica into a mosque. But the legal reasons for the "right of the sword" are not "Islamic". Pro-Kurdish ...
| 10/07/2020
National security law “threatens to undermine freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, freedom of the press and academic freedom. Freedom of religion and belief is also under threat. According to many reports, freedom of religion and belief ...
| 06/07/2020
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