The rally, the largest since the 2014 military coup, will be held on the campus of Thammasat University. Students are getting stronger and putting pressure on the government and the monarchy. The country is divided between protesters and the ‘salim’, the regime’s apologists.

| 18/09/2020
by Wang Zhicheng

Chinese Internet users slam the German multinational’s CEO for meddling in China's internal affairs. Shareholders and politicians are putting greater pressures on European firms to avoid human rights violations. For Prof Cui Hongjian, trust between the European Union and China is quickly fading.


| 18/09/2020

Despite changes, the practice remains widespread and systematic, and involves people close to the government. People are paid US$ 0.10 per kilo. The salary is not enough to pay for meals and the workers get into debt. Even ministry and bank employees have been forced to work in the fields on pain of dismissal.

| 18/09/2020
by Fady Noun

The central bank governor has suggested the end of subsidies for basic necessities, including medicines. Frightened citizens have emptied shelves in an unprecedented rush on pharmacies. For experts, the cuts to an already impoverished population could have "catastrophic" effects. The "In aid of devastated Beirut" campaign.

| 18/09/2020

In his meeting with journalists from a Belgian Christian weekly, Francis said that “the presence of Christian media specialised in quality information on the life of the Church in the world, capable of contributing to the formation of consciences, is very important.” Christian journalists can “nurture hope in the pandemic situation the world is [now] going through.”


| 18/09/2020

It is hoped that grave digging might be educational and show "firsthand the real and serious effect of COVID-19”. For a second time, Jakarta authorities have been forced to introduce mass social restrictions on Sunday. Since the start of the pandemic, with cases still on the rise, the city's health infrastructure may be close to a breaking point.

| 18/09/2020

The 46-year-old priest returned home yesterday at 6.30pm. Msgr.Julius Jia Zhiguo was taken from his residence last August 15.

| 18/09/2020

An internal survey of 1300 workers of the DİSK Genel-İş union reveals 23.8% have a salary that is enough for the next three months. Approximately 68% receive the minimum wage (around $ 300) or a little more. More and more people are struggling to pay instalments and mortgages. The tendency to buy cheaper or unhealthier foods.

| 18/09/2020

The head of the pseudo-Christian sect Sarang Jeil promoted mass gatherings for thousands of people. After the rallies, Covid positive cases grew from less than 10 to 150 per day. The "Korea model" is very effective. To date, there have been 22783 cases and 377 deaths across the country.

| 18/09/2020

In a white paper, the Beijing authorities argue that the facilities are professional institutions to combat poverty. For the UN and a large part of the international community they are concentration camps. The US is ready to pass a law that blocks imports from the region. Swedish clothing giant cuts ties with Xinjiang supplier.

| 18/09/2020
by Melani Manel Perera

The former president maintains that once completed, the China-funded facility will employ 83,000 people. The project, launched in 2014, was blocked by the previous government and then restarted. The protests of the dispossessed local population and environmentalists. Beijing's Belt and Road will not benefit the country.

| 18/09/2020
Editor's choices
by Lazarus You Heung-sik
The testimony of the prefect of the Congregation for the Clergy, former archbishop of Daejeon, during the Moment of Reflection with the pope that launched the synodal process in the Vatican: "Being a priest and bishop for me means walking together with ...
| 09/10/2021
The Philippine journalist shares the award with Russian Dmitry Muratov. Founder of the news website Rappler, she has received ten arrest warrants for her coverage of President Rodrigo Duterte's "war on drugs". She is the first Filipina to receive ...
| 08/10/2021
Francis, Patriarch Bartholomew and UNESCO’s director-general signed the UNESCO Convention for the new cycle of studies on Ecology and Environment at Lateran University. Faced with the "complexity of the ecological crisis", "it is not enough to ...
| 07/10/2021
Israeli NGO Impact-se reports Saudi authorities are continuing their work of "moderation and openness" in school books. The definitions of "infidels" and "enemies of God" have been removed. The society remains traditional, gender discrimination and the ...
| 07/10/2021
by Emanuele Scimia
Taiwanese Defence Minister warns of "most serious" situation between two sides of straight in 40 years. In the last five days Chinese warplanes have carried out 150 air raids near the island. US expert: China's sorties are a ploy to mask a real attack ...
| 06/10/2021
by Vladimir Rozanskij
It will gather the Catholic communities of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan. Kazakh Church consecrated to the special protection of St. Joseph. Steps have been taken to open the process for the beatification of Gertrude ...
| 06/10/2021
Prime Minister Barzani made the announcement during a visit to the area. The decision will be implemented following next Sunday’s Iraqi parliamentary elections. For Archbishop Warda, this is an "important" decision, a “strategic" move to ...
| 06/10/2021
Washington outlines its trade strategy toward Beijing. U.S. Trade Representative: open dialogue for full implementation of the January 2020 agreement, largely disregarded by the Chinese. Planned re-booting of targeted exemptions for exports from China. ...
| 05/10/2021
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