Pope Francis intervenes at the 75th General Assembly of the UN with a video message, extolling the United Nations as a "bridge between peoples". The pandemic is "a concrete opportunity for conversion, for transformation, for rethinking our way of life and our economic and social systems". At the root of everything is the "throwaway culture", which determines exploitation, marginalization, humiliation of human dignity and even abortion and violations of religious freedom. It is time to move from "declarationist nominalism" to the effectiveness of solidarity.

| 26/09/2020
by Biju Veticad

For decades, the two Orthodox communities have been fighting for ownership of churches and property. The Jacobites are excluded because they are followers of a "foreign" rite (the Antiochene one). The dispute over the Church properties involves 1700 sacred buildings. After clashes, demonstrations and hunger strikes, the Keralan government has now opened a negotiation table to resolve the situation. The Catholic Church has opened its churches to the Jacobites.

| 26/09/2020
by Marian Demir

The results of the report on "hate speech in the media" by the Hrant Dink Foundation. In national and local newspapers, every day at least 17 "hateful" articles against minorities, despising religious and ethnic identity.


| 26/09/2020
by Kenneth Corbilla

In Metro Manila and throughout the country, cemeteries will be closed from October 29 to November 4, to avoid gatherings of large crowds.  Msgr Broderick Pabillo, apostolic administrator of the archdiocese of Manila, has released a pastoral letter in which he asks the faithful to follow and abide by the rules set by the government.  Faithful advised to offer a mass and pray as a family for the dead, sharing memories of the dearly departed.  At present in the Philippines there are 299,361 Covid positive cases, with 5,196 deaths.

| 26/09/2020
by Adrian Zenz

In 2020, the Communist Party of China "trained" and indoctrinated 543,000 "surplus" rural workers in Tibet. The pattern adopted in the Xinjiang "concentration camps" is repeated. Beijing: Nomadic farmers and herders participate on a voluntary basis to find employment. According to many observers, the regime forces them into a context of strict social control.

| 26/09/2020
Editor's choices
by Lazarus You Heung-sik
The testimony of the prefect of the Congregation for the Clergy, former archbishop of Daejeon, during the Moment of Reflection with the pope that launched the synodal process in the Vatican: "Being a priest and bishop for me means walking together with ...
| 09/10/2021
The Philippine journalist shares the award with Russian Dmitry Muratov. Founder of the news website Rappler, she has received ten arrest warrants for her coverage of President Rodrigo Duterte's "war on drugs". She is the first Filipina to receive ...
| 08/10/2021
Francis, Patriarch Bartholomew and UNESCO’s director-general signed the UNESCO Convention for the new cycle of studies on Ecology and Environment at Lateran University. Faced with the "complexity of the ecological crisis", "it is not enough to ...
| 07/10/2021
Israeli NGO Impact-se reports Saudi authorities are continuing their work of "moderation and openness" in school books. The definitions of "infidels" and "enemies of God" have been removed. The society remains traditional, gender discrimination and the ...
| 07/10/2021
by Emanuele Scimia
Taiwanese Defence Minister warns of "most serious" situation between two sides of straight in 40 years. In the last five days Chinese warplanes have carried out 150 air raids near the island. US expert: China's sorties are a ploy to mask a real attack ...
| 06/10/2021
by Vladimir Rozanskij
It will gather the Catholic communities of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan. Kazakh Church consecrated to the special protection of St. Joseph. Steps have been taken to open the process for the beatification of Gertrude ...
| 06/10/2021
Prime Minister Barzani made the announcement during a visit to the area. The decision will be implemented following next Sunday’s Iraqi parliamentary elections. For Archbishop Warda, this is an "important" decision, a “strategic" move to ...
| 06/10/2021
Washington outlines its trade strategy toward Beijing. U.S. Trade Representative: open dialogue for full implementation of the January 2020 agreement, largely disregarded by the Chinese. Planned re-booting of targeted exemptions for exports from China. ...
| 05/10/2021
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