Tsunami, two years on...

Accused of blasphemy, man killed in police station
A 15-year-old boy is the murderer. The issue began when the dead man complained against a shopkeeper who had displayed a sign with derogatory remarks about Ahmadis. The latter responded by filing a formal complaint.
Modi's victory boosts stock market, Indian economy
The BJP's victory should revive "the growth of the Indian economy" and "propel the stock markets to new heights". India's business community is delighted as China, the United States and the United Kingdom congratulate India's prime minister-elect.
As miners slam poor safety, more bodies pulled from mine
A new fire broke out today in the mine, halting recovery operations. The government announces investigation but denies responsibility. The mining company does the same. Miners say safety inspections were poorly done. Available oxygen masks had not been tested for years. shaft pathways were too narrow and steep. One survivor talks about his experience. Out of 150 people in his group, only 15 survived.