Tsunami, two years on...

Life starts anew with a church on the beach
Two years after the devastating tidal wave, AsiaNews looks at PIME’s campaign and involvement in South-East Asia. All projects in Thailand, Myanmar and southern India have been completed. This year some € 300,000 have been raised but more is needed to complete the work still underway on the Andaman Islands.
Two years after the tsunami Western donations still in the bank
According to a recent BBC report, funds allocated by Western countries for December 26, 2004, tsunami victims have largely gone unspent. Seven ambassadors meanwhile ask Thailand to look into alleged misappropriations.
Tsunami: Reconstruction in Aceh and Nias Island blocked by corruption
More than 97 billion rupiahs disappear in the pockets of government officials, Christians on Nias Island complain that housing and infrastructures have not been rebuilt. Today a sombre ceremony will mark the 167,000 people who died in the tragedy.
After the tsunami the commitment and gratitude of the Thai Church
Most projects planned for survivors in the diocese of Surat Thani, one of the most affected by the December 26 tidal wave, have been completed, including a professional training centre which gives hope to young people.