Alarm pollution for China’s rivers

A museum to open in Nagasaki to remember "hidden Christians" who lived through persecution
The new centre will be inaugurated next January to mark the 150th anniversary of the discovery of the Kakure Kirishitan, believers who remained faithful to Catholic teaching for two centuries without any contact with the Church. The museum is located near the epicentre of the atomic explosion, to remember the Catholics who died during World War II.
It is time to end sanctions against Iran because of a pending humanitarian crisis
Milk powder for children, medical drugs and X-ray machines and other medical equipment are in short supply. Pollution caused by the embargo on coal gas causes 22,000 deaths per year in Tehran alone. In little more than ten years, the number of cancer cases increased by 181 per cent. As foreign trade shrunk, unemployment rose. Sanctions help radicals enrich themselves through smuggling. As nuclear talks resume tomorrow in Vienna, hopes rise. This is the first part of a report on Iran.