Pope writes to China's Catholics

Pope and Cardinals : Consensus on China
Benedict XVI spent some time with participants at the meeting on the Church in China. Cardinal Bertone and Cardinal Shan satisfied with the outcome; Cardinal Zen enthusiastic. A permanent Commission forthcoming. China’s Catholics await a letter from the Pope.
Chinese Catholics: The Patriotic Association is the real obstacle to China-Vatican relations
At the conclusion of the Vatican meeting on the Church in China, faithful of the official and underground Church point their finger at the violence, suppression and persecution of the AP, which puts at risk the efforts of the Holy See to reconcile the Church in China and threatens the sacramental foundations of the catholic faith. Five priests still prisoners in Hebei.
The Pope prepares a letter to China’s Catholics
The announcement was made at the end of a 2 day meeting in the Vatican. The Holy See reaffirms its desire to continue a “constructive and respectful dialogue” with the Beijing Government, arriving at full diplomatic relations.
Meeting at Vatican on the Church in China
A meeting of various Vatican dicasteries will begin tomorrow on the situation of the Church in China. Topics will include Beijing’s ambiguities, bishops ordained illicitly, the unity of the official and underground Church, and, above all, how to eliminate the influence of the Patriotic Association.