China - NPC: the wounds of a "harmonious society"

Law protecting private property final nail in Maoism’s coffin, says Bao Tong
Bao, a personal friend and former secretary to the late Communist Party Secretary Zhao Ziyang, criticises Wen Jiabao’s argument that democracy cannot exist before the economy guarantees wealth to everyone.
Consultative Conference: “The government must end the one-child rule”
A group of members taking part in the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, which ended yesterday, asked the government to restore the two-child rule: current policy creates social problems and personality disorders in young people.
As the NPC comes to a close, Wen Jiabao tries to be reassuring but problems persist
At the end of the National People’s Congress, China’s premier meets the press and reassures the public about the government’s commitment to development, schools, health care and defence. As expected the right to private property is now guaranteed in law. However, some critical voices point out that China still lags behind in terms of health care and education spending.
War on corruption far from being won
Supreme People's Court chief tells National People’s Congress about the war’s shortcomings, calls for greater respect for the law but is silent about the number of death sentences.
Beijing worried about inflation and speculative bubbles
The cost of living, especially food prices, and the money supply are rising at faster rate than the government expected. NPC Standing Committee Vice-Chairman Cheng warns stock market is overvalued and needs further reductions. Economists expect central bank to raise cost of borrowing.
Npc: in the end China opts for private property
Despite attempts by radical communists to obstruct it; the property law defending private investments, houses and lands has been presented. But the problem of overseeing its application remains. The Church also awaits the restitution of its rightful properties.
Schools must serve needs of jobs market
Experts comment on Premier Wen’s pledges for education. Along with an increase in spending, formation in the professions needs to improved, to avoid the creation of an army of unemployed graduates. Unemployment is growing, specific professional capabilities are increasingly important.
NPC: Wen Jiabao’s nice promises raise doubts
In his report to the People’s National Congress, China’s premier raises interest and many questions. For years the Communist Party has pledged help for farmers and schools and action against pollution and corruption. But it has little to show. Perhaps freedom of religion might . . . .
Npc : military spending increases along with health and education
The annual National People’s Congress of China the country’s “de facto” parliament –opened this morning in Beijing. Premier Wen Jiabao highlights the growing divide between rich and poor, primary cause of social instability.
NPC: the wounds of a “harmonious society” deprived of democracy
At the National People’s Congress that opens on 5 March, the leadership plans to fight injustice, pollution and poverty. But the monopoly of power must remain in the hands of the party.