Terrorism, disease of Islam

West weak, Muslims mute when it comes to Islamism and terrorism
There is an evident link between Islamism and terrorism. The experience of Tawfik Hamid, a former member of Al Qaeda. The apologies of the West (and of the Church) reinforce Islamic violence. Importance of the Pope’s lesson at Regensburg. Fourth and final in a series of articles.
Islamic terrorism, a disease within the Muslim world
The West is not the only victim of Islamic violence, it also targets Buddhists, Hindus and other Muslims, Sunni and Shiite. Islamism and Shariah are the unjust wounds of which Islam must be healed
Islamism, a disease of the Muslim world
Literal interpretations of the Koran emerge when Islam finds itself in moments of crises and are at the root of extremist violence. The Imams further its’ spread. Muslims must be encouraged to reject this invasive interpretation. The second in a series of articles.
Salafist Islam spawns Islamic terrorism
At the very roots of the violence is an ideological interpretation of the Koran, rather than mere reactions to Western aggressions. The time has come for Muslims to react to this blind and childish style of religion. The first in a series of lessons on Islamism.