Terrorism, disease of Islam

Pope: The Resurrection "is not a happy ending in a movie" but "a humble victory of God, that humanly looks like a failure"
"So often we feel horrified by the hurt and pain that surrounds us and we ask, "Why does God allow this? . "It wounds us deeply to see suffering and death, especially that of the innocents". "This is the mystery of evil". Two children join Francis on the back of his jeep.
Catholics in Nepal: With Christ's example, our leaders can save the country
In his homily during Palm Sunday Mass, Mgr Anthony Sharma, apostolic vicar of Nepal, slammed politicians for their failures. "They have made ​​so many promises that they have not kept." Hundreds of people, including young people who are preparing for baptism on Easter Eve, attended the service. "We shall give a Bible to our Members of Parliament," said one. "We hope they will find inspiration."