Iraqi Christiansfacing "extinction"

Baghdad, the Mahdi army imposes the veil on Christian women
following in the footsteps of radical Sunnis, Shiites begin to persecute Christians. A letter is circulating the capital signed by al-Sadr militants announcing that special committees have been set up to insure Islamic behaviour. Russia guarantees that “pressure” will be brought to bear on the Iraqi authority and its international partners to insure respect for Christians. This afternoon the Iraqi Diaspora takes to the streets of Stockholm.
Christian leaders join in Patriach Delly’s Iraq appeal
The Patriarch of the Assyrian Church of the East and the Syrian-Orthodox Bishop of Aleppo said they were “moved” by the Chaldean Patriarch’s condemnation of Christian persecution in Iraq. They have urged Baghdad, the UN and international forces to “extinguish the flames in which all Iraqis are burning”. Mgr Gregotios Yohanna Ibrahim: “A plan is afoot to change the country’s social structure.”
Chaldean Patriarch: Christians persecuted by Iraqi government and foreign troops
After a long silence, the leader of the Chaldean Church has gathered and echoed appeals by bishops and clergy, calling for a stop to “internal and external persecution” that is affecting Christians in Iraq. He urged politicians not to stand by and watch, and also condemned US troops: “God does not appreciate what you are doing in our country.”
Iraq’s Chaldean bishop’s appeal to the Sharm el-Sheikh summit and the world’s Muslims
The prelates publish a letter addressed to the international representatives gathered in Egypt for the future of Iraq. They ask for an end to violence against Christians and a return to the united effort to rebuild the country in peace and respect of diversity.
Iraqi leaders indifferent to 'endangered' Christians
The rector of the Major Seminary in Ankawa slams the grave crisis affecting the Church in Iraq, which he blames on terrorists and fanatics but also the indifference of the country’s political leadership towards minorities. The number of Christians has dropped by half; only 200-300,000 have not fled their homes.
Bishop of Kurdistan: “the Church in Iraq is in great danger”
The latest attacks in the North, until now the safest area in the country, sound the alarm. Msgr Rabban Al Qas "begs" the Vatican: “Intervene, Christians are now in ranger everywhere”. The death toll from a suicide bombing of Tell-el-skop: 10 dead, among the 140 wounded two Dominican nuns. In Baghdad the ongoing” massacre” of Christians and Shiites in the Dora quarter.
Bishops appeal: Save Iraq’s Christians!
As churches close their doors, car bombs explode, forced conversions and kidnappings take place in Baghdad but also in Niniveh, the Bishop of Kirkuk Louis Sako appeals to the world to do something for Iraq’s Christians, who have been a part of the country’s mosaic since time immemorial.
Islamic group in Baghdad: “Get rid of the cross or we will burn your Churches”.
In the Dora quarter threats continue to be made against Christians. In the last two months Christian parishes have been forced to give in to extremist pressure, only the Church of Sts Peter and Paul has withstood so far. A fatwa forbids the practice of Christian ritual gestures. The US army occupies Babel College, property of the Chaldean Patriarchate.