Iraqi Christiansfacing "extinction"

15/04/2014 INDIA
For Pune bishop, India is multi-religious because it is an authentic and healthy democracy
The 5th round in India's general election is set for Thursday. Mgr Thomas Dabre calls on the community in his archdiocese to vote for "candidates and parties who will take care of every citizen, [. . .] especially minorities. This is true secularism." Fearful of a victory by Hindu nationalists, the prelate notes that "No religious community has a monopoly over the nation's history and culture".
13/04/2014 VATICAN
Pope asks, Am I like Pilate? When the situation gets tough, do I wash my hands?
In an unscripted speech for his Palm Sunday homily, the pontiff asks, "Am I able to welcome Jesus as he enters Jerusalem? Am I like the Pharisees, like the man from Cyrene, like the crowd that chose Barabbas? Or am I like the apostle who wanted to solve everything with the sword? Or like the courageous women at the sepulchre? Where is my heart? Let this question accompany us throughout the week. Afterwards, during the Angelus, he saw young Brazilians hand over the cross to young Poles. "John Paul II will be patron of World Youth Day. God willing, I shall be in Korea in August."
12/04/2014 VIETNAM
Lent of prayer and solidarity with Catholic and non-Catholic poor in Bùi Chu
The diocese, located in northern Vietnam, sponsored a number of initiatives in favour of the less fortunate, regardless of their religious beliefs. A young mother is grateful for the solidarity she experienced during her illness. A 75-years-old atheist woman thanks "religion" for the support she was given. Students go on pilgrimages and retreats to prepare for Easter.
10/04/2014 SRI LANKA
Tamil and Sinhalese New Year celebrated together at fair and equitable exhibition
Organised by the Savisthri women's movement in Colombo, the event aims to promote more sustainable trade between producers and buyers. Goods on sale included rice, cereals, shoes and handmade clothes, jewellery, sweet meat, jaggery and honey. This year, both Tamil and Sinhalese communities will celebrate the New Year on 14 April.
10/04/2014 SAUDI ARABIA
Saudi husbands to be taken to court by force if they refuse to grant a divorce
A new law, which is set to boost women's rights in divorce cases, comes into effect next week.
Patriarch Sako: mourning and prayer for Card Delly who kept us united in dark times
The patriarch emeritus dies at the age of 87 years, after leading the Chaldean Patriarchate in one of Iraq's most difficult periods. Mar Sako remembers how "he was able to encourage the community and remained faithful to its mission." A memorial Mass will be celebrated In Baghdad, whilst the funeral might take place in the United States.
08/04/2014 VATICAN - JORDAN
Pope: Holy Land visit in focus at meeting with the King of Jordan
“Cordial and informal atmosphere” at Pope Francis’ second meeting with King Abdullah. The king "reaffirmed sentiments with which the people of Jordan are preparing to welcome the Pope and openness to greater collaboration in the commitment to peace and interfaith dialogue".
02/04/2014 ISRAEL - PALESTINE - US
As Kerry renounces visit to Ramallah, talks between Israel and Palestine hand in the balance
The decision by the Secretary of State comes after Abbas decides to apply for 15 UN agencies, a step that violates the agreement on talks. However, the Palestinians accuse Israel of breaking the deal first by not releasing Palestinian prisoners.