The Pope in Brasil

Government gives back rice fields occupied by the military to 29 Tamil families
Sri Lanka security forces had taken over the area during the country's civil war. Now internally displaced families will be able to farm 98 acres in Vellamullivaikkal East, an area in northern Sri Lanka largely inhabited by Tamils.
Manus refugees, a social tragedy that hangs over Papua New Guinea's head
Australia assuages its conscience by handing over financial aid, which local Churches say is really "complicity in trafficking in human beings”. However, Papua New Guinea is not able to provide these people a decent future. Sending them home means killing them and it is impossible to move them for now. A tragedy that involves us all.
Card Ranjith calls on faithful to respond to Mary's call to confess, convert our hearts
Next Friday, Sri Lanka will celebrate a Festival of Forgiveness following the initiative launched by Pope Francis in late March. Even the archbishop of Colombo, who is the president of the Bishops' Conference of Sri Lanka, will perform the sacrament of Confession.
Italian diplomat arrested in the Philippines for 'child trafficking' faces life in prison
Italy's Foreign Ministry has already suspended Daniel Bosio, 46, from his duties as Italian ambassador to Turkmenistan. During a holiday in the Philippines, he was arrested in the company of three children. A complaint by a local NGO proves crucial in the affair. Speaking to AsiaNews, sources talk about a "murky" case in which the Italian official showed poor judgment. Now he is waiting for the investigation to take its course.