Pope's letterto the Church in China

Taipei, police clear students from government buildings as protest turns violent
Unsatisfied with President Ma Ying- jeou’s promises, the students occupied the houses of government, after having staged a sit-in at parliament. The operation – which sparked conflict – ended at dawn today. Some young students’ frustration resulted in vandalism. The students speak to AsiaNews.
Chinese team sight wreckage "compatible" with missing flight MH370
This is the first "real" sighting, not based on satellite measurements. These two objects "relatively large" and "several other" smaller debris for miles. The U.S. Navy has sent a special machine for finding black boxes. But the arrival of a cyclone could hamper search operations.
Tokyo aims to curb health care costs: "Keep the elderly at home, stop long term hospitalizations"
The country is aging at a seemingly unstoppable pace, the birth rate continues to decline and the cost of the hospital sector soars to 350 billion Euros per year. The government is trying to lower the numbers and announces a reduction in reimbursements for surgically inserted feeding tubes, which currently include 260 thousand elderly.