Pope's letterto the Church in China

Subdued but predictable reactions in China to Pope’s letter
The government again reiterates its two pre-conditions for diplomatic dialogue (non interference in Chinese affairs and break with Taiwan), but unlike the 2000 martyr canonisation affair, this time it has taken soft approach. The underground Church rejoices, whilst the official Church, which is under an even tighter control, is moving cautiously.
Cardinal Zen: “Pope’s letter to the Chinese Church represents love for truth and his children”
The bishop of Hong Kong, Card Joseph Zen Ze-kiun, hopes that Benedict XVI’s letter to China’s clergy and faithful may be the starting point for a direct dialogue between the local Church and the Beijing government. He stresses the letter’s religious rather than its political tone.
Pope’s letter is key to China’s development, says Mgr Li Jingfeng
In an interview with AsiaNews, the bishop of Fengxiang—who is recognised by the government without being a member of the Patriotic Association—says that the papal letter makes the right call for unity and is hopeful that Beijing might try a sincere dialogue with the Holy See, a key element to China’s development.
Too much atheism and interference from the state, says Mgr Jia Zhiguo
The underground bishop of Zhengding, freed eight days ago after 17 in a jail, is both hopeful and pessimistic about what the Pope’s letter to Chinese Catholics might do. The prelate, who has spent more than 20 years in a labour camp, believes that the Chinese government has not changed. “It uses the same strategy as during Mao’s times” and relies on the Patriotic Association to split the Church. But for the Church itself the Pope’s letter is an important sign of what direction to follow.
Vatican to the conquest of a changing China
For decades the diplomatic dialogue was non-existent; now there are signs of openness. As China experiences a religious renaissance, the regime’s various patriotic associations try to maintain their ideological and economic power over the Churches. Here is an analysis of the history of diplomatic relations between the Holy See and Beijing.
Church of China, a by-product of persecution and the crisis of materialism
Past difficulties like the division between ‘official’ and ‘underground’ Churches and old and new persecutions have not stopped the Church’s growth. After years of ungodly and inhumanly ruthless materialism and despite many obstacles the Church is today open to the young, the intellectuals, poor migrants, people living with AIDS.
Pope’s letter: for truth and love of the Church and China
Pope: there is just one Church in China; may it be united and free
The "Letter of the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI to the bishops, priests, consecrated persons and lay faithful of the Catholic Church in the People's Republic of China" published today. The Pope addresses, from the perspective of Church unity, the questions of bishop appointments, the relationship with the government, and the life of the community of the faithful. Condemnation of the Patriotic Association. The complete text of the Letter.
The United Front gathers official bishops to instruct them on the Pope’s Letter
There are fears of a fresh campaign against the Pope similar to the one in 2000, following the canonization of the Chinese martyrs. According to some priests this is the latest attempt to divide rediscovered unity of the bishops with the Pope.