The Joy of the Church at Father Bossi's Liberation

PIME gives “thanks” on its anniversary for Fr. Bossi’s release
The Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions marks 157 years since its foundation and celebrates the release of Fr Bossi. In the Philippines Christians and Muslims that his abduction may become an “opportunity for a new path to peace”. At 20.30 mass in the Mother House in Rome
Great celebrations in Payao for Father Bossi’s return
Joyful Christians and Muslims come together to welcome PIME missionary home. Freed priest celebrates mass in his parish church, thanks all those who prayed for him during his captivity.
Father Bossi to be in Loreto with the Pope and young people to talk about his missionary experience
The Ecumenical Bishops Forum slams new anti-terror law, calling it “oppressive, barbaric and demonic.” But in Mindanao more abductions of foreign missionaries are likely.
P. Bossi: “I would like to meet the Pope”
The PIME missionary’s return to Italy is set for mid August. To mark the gathering of Italy’s Youth in Loreto the Italian missionary may even speak about his experience and greet Benedict XVI.
Fr. Bossi 39 days in the hands of kidnappers
The priest, kidnapped on June 10th last by a group of armed men, appears to be in good health even if tried by his experience
Fr. Bossi: “I am well, I want to return to bid farewell to my parishioners”
The missionary reveals that he survived on rice and salt and that he intends to quit smoking. Brought to a military camp in Manila, where is awaited by the Philippine President.
Fr. Bossi: “They treated me well and I prayed for them”
Benedict XVI was informed of the release yesterday evening and expressed “the great joy of the entire Church”. Contradicting versions from the Philippine authorities regarding those responsible for the abduction.
PIME thanks all those who contributed to the release of Fr. Bossi
A Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions statement
Fr. Bossi: July 30 PIME celebrate a mass to give thanks
In a letter to all of the Institutes missionaries, Fr Zanchi writes that on the anniversary of the foundation of PIME the Eucharistic celebration will be offered “in thanks to the Lord for the return of Fr. Giancarlo and to ask for His continued protection of our missionaries”.
Fr. Bossi: “I will return among my people”
The Italian missionary retraces the dramatic events of his sequester. He misses the warmth of his people and the affection “of the children” because his hart “is and will remain in Payao”. Messages of joy at the news of his release multiply.
A great truth about Fr Bossi remains hidden; he is a missionary who witnesses Christ
The case of Fr. Bossi inspired Fr. Piero Gheddo, PIME, to reflect on the nature of mission, in an insert broadcast by Radio Maria on July 16th. Here we propose the concluding part of his reflection.
An Islamic missionary murdered and hacked to pieces in Basilan
The macabre remains were found yesterday in an abandoned sack. The man had collaborated with the Philippine army providing them with information on Abu Sayyaf and other Muslim rebels. The risk of hostilities re-starting is high: the army will carry out “punitive action” against the rebels who killed and decapitated a group of marines.
Fr. Benedetti: we are awaiting “positive developments” for Fr. Bossi
Cautious optimism among the confreres of the missionary abducted in Payao: good news may arrive within the next two weeks, but the situation remains “delicate”.
Mediation for Father Bossi’s release continues
Contacts are ongoing as hope in “positive developments” endures. PIME missionaries are cautiously optimistic.
A petition for the release of Fr. Bossi
Philippine artist, Tomas Concepcion, has painted a portrait of the missionary under which the signatures of Christians and Muslims asking for his release will be added.
Fr Zanchi: Fr Bossi continues his mission
The Superior General of PIME, during Mass celebrated for the kidnapped priest, recalled the words of Paul, “If God is for us, who can be against us?” as a call to hope. The day of prayer was celebrated in five continents.
PIME: free Fr Bossi and his captors too
In a prayer published today, the missionaries of the Pontifical Institute of Foreign Missions in the Philippines call for true freedom for Fr Bossi, a month after his abudction, but also for his kidnappers, who are trapped in a cycle of evil. There was yet another plea not to use the kidnapping for political or ideological reasons.
Mass for Father Bossi’s release celebrated in Zamboanga
During the service celebrated a month to the day after the missionary’s abduction, his fellow clergymen in the Philippines pray that the kidnappers’ hearts be touched and that Father Bossi be allowed to go back to the place where God invited him to serve his flock.
Doubts about Abu Sayyaf hand in abduction of Fr Bossi
Experts on the Philippines tell AsiaNews about the inconsistencies and possible manipulation behind statements from Manila, about the hand of the Islamic integralists of Abu Sayyaf in the abduction of the PIME missionary.
I think about Father Bossi every day, says Pope
“Let us hope and pray that the Lord may help us,” the Pope said in response to a question from a reporter on his arrival in the mountain village where he will spend a few days’ rest.
Search for Fr Bossi: between anticipation and hope
The brother priests of the missionary who was kidnapped on 10 June in the Philippines say the emergence of photos of Fr Bossi have boosted hopes but have also sparked dangerous speculation. Today, across the nation, fervent prayers were said for his release and deliverance from his captors.
No certainty about identity of Fr Bossi’s abductors as contact is awaited
This is what Fr Luciano Benedetti, a brother priest of the missionary kidnapped on 10 June from his parish in Payao, told AsiaNews. He underlined the importance of waiting for secure contact that was worthy of trust.
Doing everything possible to free Fr Giancarlo Bossi, say Filipino bishops
The chairman of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines tells Italian government envoy that the Filipino Church is helping to find the missionary, who was abducted on June 10. Cloistered nuns in Italy will join the international day of prayer dedicated to the priest’s release.
First photos of Fr Bossi show he is alive
PIME Superior for the Philippines receives photos of the captive missionary. They constitute the first evidence that he is alive and the first real contact with the kidnappers.
PIME: July 10, international day of prayer for Fr. Bossi
In a letter sent to all the missionaries of the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions, the Superior General proposes a “special day of intense prayer” for the priest exactly one month after his abduction in the Philippines.
MILF stage “strategic” retreat but search for Fr Bossi goes on
A brother priest of Fr Bossi in Zamboanga, the retreat of the Islamic separatists from operations is for “exclusively political” reasons and perhaps “non Islamic”.
PIME press release about Fr Giancarlo Bossi
PIME thanks all those who are praying and working on behalf of the abducted missionary and requests that no one use the event for their own ends.
PIME fathers appeal for Fr. Bossi release
We publish the integral text of an appeal launched by the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions in the Philippines. It asks everyone, Christian and Muslim, to help find the priest kidnapped June 10th last, after all recent information regarding his whereabouts has proved false or fruitless.
Mindanao: non-stop prayers and continued hope for Father Bossi
One of Father Bossi’s fellow missionaries talks about the moving mobilisation, which includes prayer campaigns and messages of solidarity.
No contacts with kidnappers, search for Fr Bossi starts again in Payao
PIME missionaries in the Philippines have no news about any emissary from by Fr Giancarlo Bossi’s kidnappers despite a statement to that effect by the army general heading the search probe into the missionary’s disappearance. Search activities focus again on the area where he was kidnapped. A message of solidarity arrives from Dehonian missionaries.
Fr. Bossi, “hypothesis” of new channels linked to civil society
12 days on from his kidnap, in the absence of any credible information, the army and police request “help that goes beyond the military option”; idea to form a group of representatives from civil society who may act as mediators. The move – explain Pime leaders – will not exclude the joined army and Milf task forces, who continue their search aided by local people.
The search for Fr. Bossi restarts
The army confirms that it has restarted collaboration with Moro Islamic Liberation Front separatists, disbanded for technical reasons. Clarifications of an appeal.
The search for Fr Bossi is halted, cooperation between MILF and the military dissolved
Gen. Dolorfino, who heads the search operation for the PIME missionary kidnapped 11 days ago, explains the problem to the cooperation group between the government and military, formally dissolved. Tomorrow prayer vigils for the priests release will be held in Zamboanga and Abbiategrasso.
A blog to ask for the release of Fr. Giancarlo Bossi
Missionaries from the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions in the Philippines have opened a virtual diary on the internet, to gather messages and prayers from all over the world and speak about their view of developments in the case of Fr. Bossi, kidnapped June 10th last in Mindanao.
Army announces Father Bossi sighted, PIME can’t confirm
According to Major General Ben Dolorfino, PIME missionary abducted on June 10 was sighted by some soldiers near the village of Sapad, Lanao del Norte. Missionaries from PIME regional house cannot confirm.
PIME appeals for Father Bossi’s release
In a statement titled ‘We Still Hope” the missionaries of the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions in the Philippines urge anyone with information to come forward and help the search for Fr Giancarlo Bossi, who was seized on June 10 in Mindanao.
Mindanao: Father Bossi well according to first contacts
Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions regional superior confirms first verbal contacts with missionary’s still anonymous kidnappers. An 11-hour prayer Vigil was held yesterday in Ipil with witnesses by Christians and Muslims. In Payao, where Father Bossi worked, faithful of every creed pray 24 hours a day.
Fr. Bossi, witness that the Kingdom belongs to the meek
The portrait of the priest kidnapped June 10th last in Mindanao, container in a letter-prayer written by the Regional Superior of Pime in the Philippines. His mission is a testimony that life is a gift, to be shared with others.
Silent torchlight procession and candle-lit windows for Fr Bossi’s release
These are some of the initiatives discussed at Lombardy’s Regional Government House. Searches for the abducted missionary are still underway. Fr Giancarlo’s brother says he is confident about his fate.
The army blocks off an area in Mindanao, the Church prays for Fr. Bossi
The Philippine regional superior of the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions tells AsiaNews that the entire Payao community, from where the missionary was kidnapped is praying for his safe return. Searches continue, still no sign of the abductors. Calls are made not to exploit those who bring the Gospel. Benedict XVI assures “his constant prayer”.
Mindanao, the search for Fr. Bossi continues
The Catholic prelature in Ipil has created an emergency task force. The identity of the kidnappers and their motives remain unknown.
Philippine Bishops appeal for the release of Fr. Bossi, Milf deny all involvement
The spokesperson for the Philippine Bishops Conference has implored kidnappers to free the Pime missionary abducted yesterday in Mindanao on his way to mass. A spokesperson for Islamic separatists condemns the act and promises the movement’s full collaboration with authorities.
PIME missionary, Fr Giancarlo Bossi, abducted in Mindanao
The missionary has worked for almost 30 years on the Mindanao Island where Muslim guerrillas have been battling the army for the island’s autonomy.
Father Bossi’s kidnappers probably MILF fighters
The official announcement of the missionary’s abduction was made by Col Godofredo Paderanga, a Filipino Army officer stationed in Mindanao. Father Bossi is the third Italian priest kidnapped in the area in the last ten years.
Westerners abducted in southern Philippines (an overview)
The kidnapping of Fr. Bossi is the latest of a long history of westerners abducted, almost always Christians. Kidnappers are seeking an independent Islamic state in southern Philippines. They look at fame or money by ransoms.
Fr. Bossi, “gentle giant” of the mission in Mindanao
Fr. Gianni Sandalo, superior of the mission of PIME in the Philippines, describes the personality of the missionary that was kidnapped and underlines how he was loved and respected by the local people. He had not received any threats and was peacefully going about his work. MILF has denied any involvement in this case.
Appeal of the Pope for those kidnapped throughout the world, including Catholic priests
The Pope recalled in particular some priests kidnapped in Columbia. On the feast of Corpus Christi he underlined the value of Eucharistic adoration, which should be proposed especially to young people, in a world that is too “noisy and distracted.”