The Joy of the Church at Father Bossi's Liberation

Pope: Like the blind man healed, "come to see the light", reborn to new life
At the Angelus Francis Pope compares the blind man who comes to believe in Jesus and "those who supposedly see but remain blind in their soul”. Our life is sometimes "similar to that of the blind man" and sometimes "to that of the doctors of law: in our lofty pride we judge others, and even the Lord”. The invitation to read the Gospel of John for "the path of the light and the path of blindness”. A greeting to the Italian soldiers who "work for peace".
Pope: "the life of every person who has the courage to approach the Lord, will find the joy of God’s celebration".
"He is the God of mercy, He never gets tired of forgiving. We are the ones who get tired of asking for forgiveness, but He never tires. Seventy times seven: always; onwards with forgiveness".
Pope at Mass with Italian MPs: Don’t be “whitewashed tombs” follow the path of salvation
"Let us pray that the Lord give us the grace to always choose the path of salvation, to open ourselves to the salvation that only comes from God, by faith, not from what these 'doctors of duty' proposed, those who had lost faith and led the people with this theology of pastoral duty".
Jesuit priest urges fight against India's culture of death
The Archdiocese of Mumbai gives an award to Fr Cedric Prakash, director of the Prashant Centre for Human Rights, Justice and Peace, and to the Sisters of Mother Teresa orphanage in Mumbai for their pro-life work. For the Jesuit priest, Christians must defend life from "abortion, the death penalty and euthanasia."
Pope Francis to visit Amman, Bethlehem and Jerusalem in his journey to the Holy Land
The Holy Father will meet twice the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, hold an ecumenical meeting in the Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre, and sign a joint declaration. The pilgrimage will also mark the 50th anniversary of the meeting in Jerusalem between Pope Paul VI and Patriarch of Constantinople Athenagoras. Despite labour troubles in Israel, preparations for the trip continue "as planned," says Father Lombardi.
Burmese activists’ "long march" for the closure of Myitsone dam
Over one hundred people participate in the journey of more than 2400 km, which connects Yangon with the dam in the northern state of Kachin. Thein Sein had declared the suspension of construction, activists fear work could resume after the 2015 elections, with the formation of a new government. Chinese pressure on the Burmese executive.
Msgr. Fan Zhongliang's funeral attended by 5,000 priests and faithful from the official and underground Churches
Msgr. Ma Daqin, who is under house arrest, was absent. In the liturgy the priests referred to him as "our Bishop Ma Daqin". During the celebration and prayers, Msgr Fan was also referred to as a "bishop", although the government prohibits the use of this term for a non recognized prelate. During the service, red vestments were used, "a sign of martyrdom". Hope for the unity of the Church in China is growing.
Abbas calls for the release of Marwan Barghouti and other prisoners
60% of Palestinians would vote Barghouti as president. For Israel, he is a "terrorist" for his fellow countrymen he is the 'Mandela of Palestine’. The peace talks are likely to run aground for the continued expansion of settlements in the Occupied Territories and the failure to release prisoners.
Dhaka: Christian community fetes Bartholomew Shah, "musician of God"
A devout Catholic, the composer wrote and arranged hundreds of hymns. As a vocational and regional leader in the YMCA, he has been able to join an interfaith and ecumenical sensibility to his passion for music. For the archbishop of the Bangladeshi capital, "His hymns have made praying more powerful. We are proud of him."
For Jeju bishop, the pope's visit will renew political dialogue and evangelisation in Korea
"The pope is coming at a very important moment. The whole of society is waiting for him in order to respond to his call for peace with the North and among us," Mgr Peter Kang U-il, head of the Bishops' Conference of Korea, told AsiaNews. Francis "also brings reconciliation between Korea, Japan and China."
Bishops of Bangladesh: Living Lent through loving service
The Bishops' Conference (CBCB) publishes a pastoral letter for the period of preparation for Easter. It is a time to devote to "sacrifice, prayer and mercy to purify ourselves and become saints."
Putin's Russia recognizes the Crimea and its request for annexation
The EU and the U.S. launch sanctions against 21 Russian and pro-Russian Ukrainian representatives. They include Yanukovych, but not Putin. Kiev is ready to dialogue with Moscow, but rejects the annexation. The problems of the present and the immediate future: Ukrainian soldiers in the Crimea, the Tatars, the peninsula’s economy heretofore dependent on Ukraine. Moscow has sent 15 billion rubles to the new independent state.
Sumatra on fire: thousands intoxicated, smog affects Malaysia and Singapore
Schools closed, citizens barricaded in their homes, thousands of people with respiratory problems. Farmers and unscrupulous businesses behind hundreds of deliberately set fires. President Yudhoyono blames local governments. Appeals for prayer for the end of the emergency.
Bangkok, government lifts state of emergency
The government of Yingluck Shinawatra approves lifting of emergency rule but announces the entry into force of the Internal Security Act for tomorrow, which allows police greater freedom of maneuver against the demonstrations. The decision was made after the situation "significantly improved”.
Pope: Lent is for "drawing closer to the Lord" but "in sincere way", not like the hypocrites who "masquerade as good" and think they save themselves
We all "need to change our lives", to take look "a good at our soul" where we always find something. "The litmus test to ensure we are not hypocrites and that we are drawing closer to the Lord" is "taking care of others: the sick, the poor, those in need, the ignorant". "Hypocrites do not know how to do this, they can not, because they are so full of themselves that they are blind of others".