Beijing: Olympic Games and Human Rights

17/03/2014 INDIA
Indian activist: Narendra Modi’s candidature in Varanasi an outrage
The chief minister of Gujarat and leader of the nationalists (Bharatiya Janata Party) has chosen the seat of the sacred city to take part in general elections 2014. According to Lenin Raghuvanshi, it is an attempt to "show Varanasi as the birthplace of the Hindu fundamentalism". He tells AsiaNews : "The city is steeped in pluralism and secularism. Its people struggle against all forms of religious extremism".
13/03/2014 CHINA
Prime Minister Li ends NPC in Beijing promising reforms and economic stability
In his traditional press conference, China's prime minister focused on economic growth, noting that the government would refrain from adopting "artificial" stimulus measures to reach its target of "7.5 per cent growth". However, the government will continue to deepen fiscal and financial reforms, but "The key will be how to implement those steps". Meanwhile, China will continue search efforts for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight "as long as there is a glimmer of hope".
13/03/2014 CHINA
China, industrial production and retail sales down: markets fluctuate
The national economy holds, but continues to drop below forecasts. Slow down in fixed assets investment, such as infrastructure, vital to job growth and spending. Hong Kong and Shanghai, await end of NPC to start trading Chinese shares.
Israeli air raid on Gaza follows barrage of Islamic Jihad missiles
Militant brigade claims 130 rockets were launched, Israel claim 41. Israeli planes target "29 terrorist sites”. No casualties on either side. Lieberman proposes another occupation of Gaza.
13/03/2014 SYRIA - LEBANON
Greek-Catholic bishops call for a united free, democratic and pluralistic Syria
The meeting of Greek-Catholic Bishops' Conference of Syria was held in Lebanon because of the situation in Syria. In a statement, the prelates call for closeness and solidarity with the victims, urging people not to forget the bishops, priests and faithful who were abducted. Noting that at least 100 churches have been damaged or destroyed, they offer their best wishes to Pope Francis and call upon people not to let "the flame of hope" die.
Phnom Penh bishop: as Pope Francis says, "the Church in Cambodia is poor for the poor"
For Mgr Schmitthaeusler, the pope's appeal "to charity, fraternity and poverty" is a daily experience. In August, 30 young Cambodians will travel to Korea where they will meet the pope at the Asian Youth Day. The bishop asks for prayers for the 106 catechumens who will be baptised at Easter. He also renews with a three-year programme dedicated to charity.
13/03/2014 UKRAINE - RUSSIA
Crimea: on the eve of the referendum the Ukrainian Church appeals for the country's integrity
The Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Kyiv Patriarchate and the Patriarchate of Moscow warn of the risks of secession. Archbishop Klyment accuses Europe of watching idly. Metropolitan Onufry calls on Russia not to divide the Ukraine. If it does, it will open a bloody wound that will be reflected painfully on the relations between the two brotherly peoples.