Spe salvi: the new encyclical of Benedict XVI

13/02/2014 CHINA
Twelve Protestants arrested in Beijing for suspected links to dissidents
Officially, they are in jail for illegal gathering (to study the Bible). Several of them are dissidents who converted to Christianity. Some of them also support Xu Zhiyong, a leader of the New Citizens movement, a group that calls for respect for the constitution and transparency with regards to the assets owned by Communist Party leaders. Xu Yonghai, head of the Holy Love Fellowship, converted at the time of the Tiananmen movement.
13/02/2014 HONG KONG - DUBAI
Dubai air passenger traffic grows at Hong Kong's expense but service remains poor
Dubai, the world's third busiest airport for passenger traffic, has become an important stopover between Asia-Pacific and Europe. The Kangaroo route prefers Dubai, but passengers transiting through the Emirates complain about poor infrastructure, rude staff, and bad connecting schedules.