Message for 2008 World Day of Peace

11/02/2014 BANGLADESH
Inspired by the holiness of the missionaries, a young tribal Khasi becomes a priest
On 26 January, Bruslee Lamin was ordained into priesthood. An ethnic Khasi, he is the first of his tribe to choose the consecrated life. He made his choice thanks to the example of the missionaries of the Holy Cross, who brought Christ to the Tribals of India and Bangladesh.
11/02/2014 ITALY - PAKISTAN
Despite threats, Paul Bhatti to continue brother's work for peace in Pakistan
Threatened by the Taliban, the former Minister for National Harmony has renewed the message of Christian-Muslim harmony and coexistence. Almost three years after his brother Shahbaz's murder, he said that "his sacrifice» is increasingly "a seed for peace." He calls on the West and world Catholics for political and economic help to "give hope to the future."
10/02/2014 SRI LANKA
Sri Lanka, one Christians’ commitment to safeguarding nature to save minorities
Dilmah Conservation, an association that deals with sustainable development sets a new goal. Founded as an offshoot of one of the largest tea brands in the country, the foundation has organized a "two day campaign" to raise awareness among children and adults. The founder, a Catholic, affirms: "As Christians we have a responsibility to protect the environment and people".
Washington to Beijing: Modify South China Sea claims
A senior U.S. government official calls on the Chinese government to cooperate on a "peaceful solution" to tensions in the Asia-Pacific region. The Chinese government claims are a source of "growing concern" and nurture "uncertainty." U.S. experts: Beijing’s aggressiveness fueled by a "sense of destiny" in history and on world stage.