Message for 2008 World Day of Peace

A family with father, mother and 12 children as a community of peace
Here is a commentary on Benedict XVI’s message for World Day of Peace on the family from a couple of Indian parents, who went from having their first child born with disabilities to finding Christ and the path of mission, skirting the ways of hedonism.
Iraqi bishop: West, rediscover the family as a school of peace
“In Germany the Muslim women push children in prams along the streets while German women have their dogs and cats”. The provoking remark by Msgr. Louis Sako, Chaldean archbishop of Kirkuk comments on Benedict XVI’s World Day for Peace message 2008.
Anyone who undermines the family undermines peace, says Pope
In his message for World Peace Day Benedict XVI says that in the family one can experience and be taught peace. For this reason the “family of peoples” must protect it and be inspired by it so as to be able to manage the “common house.” Mankind, which is more important than nature, must use the natural environment and the international community in non-selfish ways and be concerned about a model of sustainable development, all of which requires a moral norm. The Pope also expresses concerns over the arms race, including the race for atomic weapons.
The Pope on the war against the family and world peace
Pro-family policies are needed for universal peace in China as much as in Italy. The reference to God is not the cause of religious wars, but rather the basis for world coexistence.