Moratorium on abortion

Sr Nirmala Joshi says yes to the moratorium on abortion
The Superior General of the Missionaries of Charity reaffirms the commitment of the order founded by Mother Theresa to defend life from the moment of conception. She recalls that Mother Teresa denounced to the entire world that “no-one, no government, no mother has the right to take life”. To halt abortions: a centre to welcome single mothers and foster adoptions
Caritas against the “unacceptable massacre” caused by abortion in Sri Lanka
The Catholic organisation is committed to raise awareness among women about abortion techniques and its traumatic consequences. Every year some 250,000 abortions are performed in the former Ceylon, mostly by married women. "Limited understanding of the issue” is one its causes.
Indian communist atheist, supports the moratorium on abortion
Lenin Raghavarshi, winner of the2007 Gwangju prize for human rights, defends the right to life of the embryo, against selective abortion. A leading voice against birth control methods to restrict population growth, he denounces the misrepresentation that overpopulation causes poverty, it merely masks the underlying problem of equal distribution of the worlds resources.
Korean church : “Unite the world against abortion”
On behalf of the Korean Bishops Conference the national secretary of “ Life 31 Movement " writes to AsiaNews in support of a global moratorium against abortion. The invitation is to treasure life, in all forms and from its first instance, conception.
India lends’ its support for a moratorium against abortion
A global moratorium on abortion, following that on the death penalty, also interests Asian nations, where both forms of death are often violently imposed by states. Over the coming days, AsiaNews will sum up views and positions from across the Asian continent. Today we begin with a declaration from card. Oswald Garacia, archbishop of Mumbai.
Partial victory against the death penalty
Despite the UN vote in favour of a moratorium on capital punishment, Iran and China continue to kill prisoners. The right to life should be upheld for everyone, convicts as well as unborn children.