Moratorium on abortion

08/02/2014 SINGAPORE
Singapore theological institute opens, a "milestone" for the local church
The goal is to encourage the formation of lay Catholics, boosting knowledge and skills. For Msgr. William Goh it will help in a “systematic and methodical" analysis of faith. Lessons began on January 27, over 100 "high level" and specialized students.
05/02/2014 PAKISTAN
Islamic and Christian leaders ambivalent over peace talks between the government and the Taliban
The attempt to reach a ceasefire fuels controversy and conflict. For some, talks with extremists is impossible; they slam the judiciary for failing to punish the guilty. Others see talks as the "best solution" if they are based on Sharia and the Constitution of Pakistan. For priest in Lahore, "No one is safe." But, "we will support" the government.
05/02/2014 VATICAN
Pope: The Eucharist, "a great gift” of “communion" with Jesus and our brethren
"It 'so important to go to Mass on Sundays, to go to Mass not only to pray, but to receive Communion". "It is important that children be well prepared for First Communion and that every child makes it, because this is the first step of belonging to Jesus".
04/02/2014 BANGLADESH
Hundreds of Catholics want justice in Ovidio Marandy's murder case
The Adibashi Cultural Academy organised a demonstration to demand an impartial investigation into the murder and a proper trial for its authors. Many points about the man's death are still unclear. A tribal Catholic magistrate, he was found dead after he complained about an attack by some Islamic fundamentalists.
03/02/2014 INDIA
Andhra Pradesh: rising anti-Christian violence by radical Hindus
Sajan George, national president of the Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC), sounds the alarm bells. Fundamentalist group Hindu Vahini is of particular concern. In mid-January, one of its members stabbed to death an evangelical clergyman. According to the GCIC leader, anti-Christian violence is likely to become "more brutal" as India's general elections approach.
03/02/2014 CHINA
China's economy slows again: non-manufacturing PMI down
Drop of 1.2 points compared to December. The lowest figure in five years. Hotels, services, mail, public utilities are below the threshold of 50 points. More and more industries are relocating to Africa, where the average salary is 50 U.S. dollars. In Guangdong (Shenzhen), the minimum wage is about 300 U.S. dollars.