World Day of Prayerfor the Church in China

08/01/2015 HONG KONG - CHINA
National education 'should be introduced in Hong Kong to halt anti-mainland feelings'
Beijing "should try again to introduce national education into Hong Kong schools with the emphasis on Chinese culture rather than ideology", a mainland law professor who advises Beijing on Hong Kong affairs said.
10/01/2014 CHINA
The Chinese invade the world: 100 million tourists in 2013
According to the Administration for tourism, the Chinese community is the first in the world by volume and expenditure abroad during the holidays . Last year, Chinese tourists have spent about $ 110 billion during travel abroad.
Korean Catholics call on pope to appoint a cardinal who is "a friend of the poor"
The faithful hope Francis will appoint a new Korean cardinal. In a petition to the pope, they call on him to choose a pastor who "can become a friend of the poor and marginalised," a "leader for difficult times".
03/01/2014 VATICAN - ITALY
Pope: the Gospel is not proclaimed "with inquisitorial beatings" but "gently, with fraternity and love"
Celebrating Mass in the Gesu, Francis says that "the power of the Church does not lie within itself and its ability to organize , but it is hidden in the deep waters of God." A celebration of thanksgiving for the enrollment in the list of saints the first Jesuit priest, Peter Faber, on December 17 last.
02/01/2014 PAKISTAN
Faisalabad , Christians and Muslims march for peace and economic development of the country
Strengthening of foreign policy, structural reforms and improving education . These are some of demands of participants in the solidarity march 2014, organized by Aman Ittehad activists. Thousands of people marched across Pakistan , expressing solidarity with the victims of fundamentalist violence .
30/12/2013 VIETNAM
Vietnamese Catholics attacked while carrying Christmas gifts to orphans
Attack took place in Kontum, where a group of volunteers were blocked by police and forced to turn back. One of the assaulted, tortured by the head of the local Communist Party, ended up in hospital with multiple internal injuries.
30/12/2013 LIBYA - ITALY
The heart-breaking story of Libya and migrants told through the eyes of a boy, Khalid
'My name is Khalid' by Monica Mondo, published by Marietti, tells the story of a 13-year-old boy who fled to Italy from post-Gaddafi Libya. Mondo describes a country divided by hatreds as well as the daily life of illegal immigrants in Rome. In the Italian capital, Khalid meets racism, but also volunteers and nuns who show him solidarity and warmth.