Sydney WYD 2008 The New Pentecost of the Youth

Burmese activists want full civil rights, not only freedom, for former political prisoners
Yesterday, the Myanmar government released 41 political prisoners to coincide with the opening of the Southeast Asian Games in Naypyidaw. But already two of them have been re-arrested. AAPP leaders note that former prisoners of conscience are subjected to severe restrictions; unfair rules limiting their rights and freedoms should be abolished.
Nepal to renew its obsolete aircraft fleet with "unsafe and unreliable" Chinese planes
For civil aviation experts, the six expensive Chinese planes bought for US$ 70 million could prove unsafe for passenger. Meanwhile, the EU bans Nepali planes, jeopardising their access to international routes.
Lebanon asks for Qatari help in Maaloula nuns affair
The head of Lebanese security also wants information about the two Orthodox bishops abducted last April. Questions are addressed to Al-Jazeera with regards to the source behind the video released days ago showing the sisters "detained" by Islamist insurgents. Greek-Orthodox Patriarch Youhanna calls for prayers and actions to obtain the nuns' release. Lebanese Minister criticises international community for not doing enough to deal with this abduction.