At Lent, let us pray for the Pope

14/10/2013 RUSSIA
Almost 30 people injured and 380 arrests in Moscow following clashes between nationalists and police
The violence broke out in the city's suburbs after the killing of an ethnic Russian by a man, who could have been an immigrant from Central Asia. The Orthodox Church, in solidarity with indignant locals, calls on the authorities to inflict an exemplary punishment on immigrants who do not respect the rules of civilised life.
14/10/2013 MALAYSIA
Malaysia , Christians banned from using "Allah ". Catholics announce appeal
This morning the appeals court ruled that the word be “exclusively" used by Muslims . The director of "Malaysia Herald", Fr. Lawrence, expresses " disappointment and shock " and announces appeal to the Federal Court to seek redress. Minister of the State of Sarawak (Borneo ) states : Here Christians can continue to use the word Allah.