Tiananmen 20 years on

From Tiananmen, a new civil society. Everyone looses with violence
For Cai Chongguo, the China of today is characterised by the tens of thousands of protests in which workers, farmers and migrants ask for their rights to be respected, for a wage, for land. Civil society has been born, the first step towards democracy. Beijing urgently needs to open up to dialogue with it, without resorting to violence.
Wei Jingsheng: Tiananmen, the power of freedom
The days of Tiananmen in 1989 were important for the world and for China, and show that the desire for freedom and freedom of expression are the basis for all real change. A reflection written for AsiaNews by the “Father of democracy” in China, to an exile in the United States.
Tibetan solidarity for the victims of the Tiananmen massacre
On the 20th anniversary of the crackdown, Tibetans around the world organise various initiatives and make various demands, including wearing white as a sign of mourning. They want to signal that their struggle for democracy and human rights is the same as that of the people of China. In the meantime the fight to defend a Tibetan ‘sacred mountain’ continues.
Card. Zen: 20 years on from Tiananmen, Deng is dead: it's time to change the Chinese dictatorship
The Archbishop emeritus of Hong Kong says it's time to criticise Deng Xiaoping for his responsibility for the massacre. June 4th 1989, marks the moment when love and patriotism for China blossomed in the hearts of the people of Hong Kong. Using the recent economic progress as a justification of the massacre “is nonsense”.
Authorities forced to respond to Zhao’s Memoirs on Tiananmen
A semi-official news agency takes a hard line against Zhao, saying the case against him and the students in Tiananmen was “ironclad’ and “indisputable”. However, some observers note that the way the response was made indicates a struggle within the party. Dissidents are placed under house arrest.
Hong Kong trade unionist: China risks another Tiananmen
Without democracy China is drowning in corruption and injustice. Workers, farmers and migrants revolts are a sign that Beijing is on the verge of a fresh crisis in its relationship with the population. Hong Kong is the catalyst of Chinese democracy. A witness of the Tiananmen movement, banned for over 20 years from returning to China, speaks out.
Tiananmen 20 years on
As of today AsiaNews will begin to publish a dossier on the 20th anniversary of the massacre of Tiananmen Square, which took place on June 4th 1989. It will include interventions from the protagonists of the democracy movement of that time and of today. They will speak of the past, but above all, they will speak of the needs and urgent issues that China faces in the present and the future.
Tiananmen: Do not forget the young man who defied the tanks
Lu Decheng, a political refugee in Canada, was a worker who, during the Tiananmen protests, stained Mao’s portrait. For this he was sentenced to life in prison, but was freed after nine years. He describes the heroism of ordinary people who supported the students and warns the international community of the danger that a non-democratic China represents.
Let us repent for the Tiananmen massacre, Chinese Protestants say
Many of the 80 who signed the appeal fled repression and converted to Christianity. They call on China’s rulers in Beijing to let out the truth about the massacre and officially commemorate it. They also acknowledge the responsibilities of Christian Churches whose silence helped the government cover up the incident. A worldwide prayer for China will be held from 12 May to 4 June.