Tiananmen 20 years on

20/09/2013 VATICAN
Pope: medical doctors should reject the 'culture of waste', bear witness instead to the 'culture of life'
The credibility of a health care system is measured not only by its efficiency, but also by the attention and love it shows to people whose life is always sacred and inviolable. "[T]here is no human life more sacred than another, as there is no human life more significant than another.
14/09/2013 SRI LANKA
For Buddhist scholar, Christianity has brightened his life
For university professor Praneeth Abeysundara, young people can find support and protection in the Church and the Christian community, especially in today's world, where "modern media can destroy the lives of young people." The latter must learn to evaluate what they have in front of them.
14/09/2013 SYRIA - UN - RUSSIA - US
As US and Russia agree on chemical weapons, Ban Ki-moon says Assad guilty of "crimes against humanity"
Kerry and Lavrov agree to agenda that calls on Syria to deliver all the data on its chemical weapons stockpile within a week. By November, UN inspectors must be on the ground. On 16 September, UN inspectors will report on the Ghouta massacre, where chemical weapons were used. Kerry will meet Hollande and Netanyahu.
13/09/2013 BANGLADESH
No compensation for Rana Plaza and Fashion Tazreen survivors
Only nine out of 28 international brands attend Geneva meeting aimed at creating a compensation fund for victims of the collapse of two garment factories. A local source told AsiaNews that "the situation is much more complex" because of unreliable unions and local mafias. "Signs of change" among Bangladeshi businessmen are visible, which "the authorities must help."
12/09/2013 SYRIA -USA- RUSSIA
Putin writes to America. Kerry and Lavrov in Geneva
An attack against Syria would create a new wave of terrorism and divide the United Nations. The rebels also planning a chemical attack against Israel. No agreement at the UN Security Council . Rebels reject Russian plan on consignment of chemical weapons to the international community .
12/09/2013 NORTH KOREA
Pyongyang reactivates its nuclear reactor
The satellite images show smoke coming from the Yongbyon complex , able to produce six pounds of plutonium a year . The regime , after a series of agreements with Seoul, holds fast to its militaristic aspirations. An expert : " Mixed signals , but it would take another six months for a nuclear weapon."
11/09/2013 SYRIA -USA- RUSSIA
Obama postpones attack on Syria , allowing himself and Russia more time
The U.S. president admits that the Russian proposal the Damascus hand over its chemical weapons is an "encouraging sign" . Congress vote on attack avoided. At the UN Security Council standoff between France and Russia. Relief among the population of Damascus.
11/09/2013 KOREA
Korea , Seoul and Pyongyang reach agreement to reopen Kaesong
September 16th the inter-Korean industrial complex will restart operations. A reality the Archbishop of Seoul has often referred to as a "sign of peace and hope" for the peninsula . The South will enjoy a tax exemption for the current year . Family reunification plans also being finalized, due to be resumed after years on the Korean Thanksgiving .
11/09/2013 CHINA
Woman who complained about graft is forced to abort, then arrested
Li Fengfei was forced to abort at 18 weeks in the city of Bijie. Her son died and her life was in danger for about a month. Just out of the hospital, she was arrested by Public Security. A Christian lawyer has taken up her case, noting that it all started after she refused to falsify some documents to steal money from the state.