Save Christians and Pakistan from the blasphemy law

The massacre of Gujarat, Narendra Modi: Sad as when an animal dies
In an interview with Reuters the Chief Minister of Gujarat and a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) says "he does not feel guilty" because he "did nothing wrong". In the carnage of 2002, almost died 2,000 Muslims died, while Modi did nothing to stop the Hindu militants.
Ramadan in Jakarta, the extremists announce a raid "against alcohol and pornography"
The Islamic Defense Front (FPI) announces attacks on "sinful" bars and locales during Islam's holy month. The police sequester and send in smoke drinks and DVDs, in an atmosphere of increasing intolerance. IDF Leader: "Our activists on the streets of the capital, will ensure compliance with the rules." High alert among religious minorities and non-Orthodox Muslims.
Health facility in Yangon gives life and smiles back to children with disabilities
Founded in 2006 by volunteers from New Humanity, a Catholic NGO, in cooperation with the Myanmar Ministry of Social Affairs, the disable resource centre offers health care, educational and pre-vocational training to 63 children. Minn Aung, 10, is one of them. Now he is beginning to walk and talk.