Easter in Asia

Pope: pray for Chinese Catholics that they may "never be afraid to speak of Jesus to the world and the world to Jesus"
At the General audience, Francis speaks of the "duty" to evangelize that belongs to every Christian: the Spirit urges us to preach the Good News “courageously, loudly" and to all. Also a prayer "for the victims, especially the children of the disaster in Oklahoma. May the Lord himself console everyone, in particular parents who have lost a child in such a tragic way".
Pope to Movements: man is in crisis. No to a church closed in on itself, but a Church that goes out,
At the Vigil for Pentecost, Pope Francis pushes Christian witness in a world that has become the enemy of man, where the collapse of financial markets makes the news, but not the death of workers or child hunger. A great event for the Year of Faith, 200 thousand people are present: from CL and Renewal in the Spirit, to the Neocatechumenal Way, Focolare, Sant'Egidio, international associations. The testimony of John Waters, an Irish journalist, and Paul Bhatti, former minister for minorities in Pakistan. The Pope invites all to pray every day for persecuted Christians and to work for religious freedom. The Church is not an efficient NGO. Her main contribution is "to live the Gospel."