Mother Teresa, an inestimable gift for the world

Card Tong: blessed with new baptisms, we continue to grow together in faith
The Diocese of Hong Kong celebrates 3,560 adults who chose the Catholic religion. The bishop wrote to the faithful for Holy Week. We have "good news," but we need to strengthen it "through continued study and prayer. Otherwise, we will lose the sense of mission and witness."
West Jakarta: Islamist threats against Holy Week celebrations
Extremist groups have made threats against the priest and the faithful of a Catholic church in Kepa Duri. Palm Sunday Mass took place as scheduled but fears remain about Easter services. Extremist ire was triggered by the fact that the church is located inside a school.
West Java, Bekasi church demolished to gain Islamist consent ahead of elections
Orders issued by the authorities Carried out, despite the pleas of the faithful. Christian leaders call for calm and to avoid "hostile” gestures. Behind the demolition of the shadow of the elections and the attempt to win Islamic extremist fringe votes. Yasmin Church also at risk.
Christians and Buddhists un favour of UN resolution on Sri Lanka war crimes
The United Nation Human Rights Council calls on Sri Lankan authorities to help war victims and conduct "independent and credible" investigations. The government rejects the accusations, ordinary citizens complain that the government is investing money earmarked for refugee housing in tourist projects instead.
After nuclear tests, Seoul authorises humanitarian shipments to the North
After the continued military tensions of recent months, South Korea gave the green light to the Eugene Bell Foundation, a Christian foundation based in the US, to bring medicines against tuberculosis. Meanwhile, the United Nations set up a commission of inquiry into human rights abuses in North Korea.
Pakistani Muslims: solidarity with Christians, victims of Lahore arson attack
Over a thousand people attended an inter- religious conference. Hindu and Sikh leaders also present, as well as Saudi Muslim personalities. Appeal to Islamabad to punish those responsible for the attacks. Government of Punjab applauded for its support. Invitations to harmony and combat extremism.