World Peace Day 2011 Religious freedom, the path to Peace

07/02/2013 CHINA
Guangdong and Yunnan announce the abolition of forced labor camps (laojiao)
The two provinces have decided, in the wake of an indication of the central government to close the camps for "re-education through labor". But experts dampen enthusiasm: "Declarations and denials been going on for a month, it is too early to celebrate. And China needs a real rule of law, declarations by communists is not enough. "
07/02/2013 INDIA - TIBET
The Dalai Lama says no to conversions. Card Gracias: Changing religion is a right
The Tibetan leader warns against proselytism, the problems that arise between different religious communities and recommends no conversions. The murder of missionary Graham Staines and massacres in Orissa and Karnataka taken as an example of negative fruits of conversions. Jesuit priest: Graham Staines was not proselytizing; Orissa in the fight against Dalits has social roots. Cardinal Gracias freedom to preach, propagate the faith and convert is guaranteed by the Indian Constitution. You can not compromise a principle so fundamental out of fear or for convenience.