Education can stop the Taliban in Pakistan

President and new Patriarch: Iraqi Christians’ hopes and fears this Christmas
The community is preparing to celebrate the holiday season, with renewed hopes and old fears of violence. Auxiliary bishop of Baghdad, being prepared with people, and praying for peace. Desire for unity for the Chaldean Church. Archbishop of Kirkuk: he will promote reforms and reconciliation.
Christmas in Nepal: for the first time there are no threats of attacks
Hundreds of people, including many non-Christians, are expected at the celebrations in the capital's cathedral. The Catholic community will also celebrate 24 new members. Crèches, Christmas trees and more will decorate church yards.
Predicting doomsday for the world and Chinese Communism lands 1,000 people in jail
In order to "save" Chinese from the fear of the Mayan Prophecy, police arrest people who are only against the party. For the sect, three days of darkness will begin tomorrow, and will include tsunami and earthquake. The authorities also arrest Tibetans who set themselves on fire or urge others to do the same.