The Protection of Minors in the Church

05/03/2019 ASIA – VATICAN
Card Bo urges Asian bishops to join Pope Francis in the fight against abuse

In a letter, the cardinal writes “we sincerely ask for forgiveness for what we did wrong and for what we failed to do,” calling for “structural renewal necessary to root out from the Church every form of abuse, not only sexual but also of power and conscience.”

25/02/2019 VATICAN
Concrete initiatives for the protection of minors in the Church

The Organizing Committee of the Meeting today meets with the heads of the Curia to implement some proposals. Motu Proprio by Pope Francis announced to prevent and combat abuse. A task force to help episcopal conferences.

24/02/2019 VATICAN
Pope speaks about child abuse and the mystery of evil inside and outside the Church

At the end of the meeting on the ‘Protection of minors in the Church’, Pope Francis describes the extent of the problem and its significance as an "idolatrous sacrifice of children to the god of power". He cites figures and geographical distribution of abuse in the family, sport, sex tourism, on the web, child brides. Homosexuality is hinted at. The Holy Father thanks the "majority of priests" who are faithful "to their celibacy" and "spend themselves in a ministry today made even more difficult by the scandals of [the] few”.

23/02/2019 VATICAN
Penitential celebration in front of a victim of abuse

In the Apostolic Palace’s Sala Regia, the pope and the participants of the meeting on ‘The protection of minors in the Church’ asked for forgiveness. Mgr Philip Naameh, archbishop of Tamale and president of the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of Ghana, delivered the homily. The young victim also played a prelude by Johan Sebastian Bach.

23/02/2019 VATICAN
Sr Veronica Openibo: Sexual abuse also in Africa and Asia

On the third day of the Vatican meeting on the ‘Protection of minors in the Church’, the Nigerian nun shows that the scourge of abuse is also present in the countries of the South of the world. Responding to this urgency is part of the Church's mission.

22/02/2019 VATICAN
Card. Cupich: Growing distrust in our leadership, not to mention the outrage of our people

Second report of the day dedicated to "accountability" (having to give an account) to the meeting on "Protection of minors in the Church". The cardinal represents a Church, that of the United States, long struck by accusations of abuse and the silence of the hierarchy. He himself is suspected of silence on the McCarrick case. Structural, legal and institutional reform is necessary.

22/02/2019 VATICAN
Card. Gracias calls on bishops to work together and with the laity to end abuse

The Archbishop of Mumbai, accused yesterday by the BBC of superficiality against some abuses, calls on bishops to work in a collegial and synodal manner. No bishop can say: This abuse does not concern me. To favor "fraternal correction", "intercultural communication", "speed of information exchange" to "elaborate opinions and start discussions". What the Church is experiencing is useful for the world. Face the persecution together.

21/02/2019 VATICAN
Abuse victim warns against time bomb ticking in the Church in Asia



21/02/2019 VATICAN
Card Tagle and Mgr Scicluna talk about the responsibility of bishops in protecting minors

At the Vatican meeting, Card Tagle highlighted "our lack of response to the sufferings of the victims", as well as the fear of getting involved and touching "the wounds of humanity". Justice and forgiveness can heal wounds. Offenders too must be treated. For Mgr Scicluna, established protocols must be implemented and civil laws obeyed. More attention should be paid to the candidates in the selection process for the priesthood. Bishops should be closer to their priests.

21/02/2019 VATICAN
Pope: Hear the cry of the little ones who plead for justice

Pope Francis introduces the meeting (21-24 February) on the protection of minors from abuses perpetrated by members of the Church. Courage and concrete measures arrived at in a "synodal way". The testimony of an abused boy: "Why did God not listen to me?".

19/02/2019 VATICAN
Superiors of male and female religious institutes in support of Pope Francis and the meeting on the protection of minors

In an official declaration, published by the Holy See Press Office, religious orders express "shame", but also "hope" for the upcoming meeting. Building a new "culture of protection" for children and vulnerable adults, based on health care, formation and spirituality. Ensure that candidates for the religious vocation and the priesthood find "safe places where their vocation is nourished".

18/02/2019 VATICAN
Transparency and responsibility at the centre of a meeting on the protection of minors

Specific issues will be addressed on each day of the event, including episcopal responsibility, accountability, and transparency.