Year of the Eucharist

Christian Association calls on Pope Francis to postpone Sri Lanka trip
Christian Solidarity Movement (CSM) writes to the Holy See. Proximity of papal visit to presidential election is “risky”. "The organizers of election campaigns can use the apostolic journey as a political tool."
Tokyo, Shinzo Abe dissolves the lower house and calls early elections
Prime Minister announces December vote, two years before the end of his mandate. The move indicates a willingness to "better explain" the economic policies of his government, which up to now seem to have failed. The country is in recession.
Pope warns against a Church that is a "group of ecclesiastical disciples" that wants to keep the Lord away "from the peripheries"
"Not just the priests and bishops, but faithful too: 'We are the ones on the Lord's side! And yet from spending so much time looking at the Lord, we no longer see what the Lord needs: we do not see that the Lord is hungry, thirsty, in prison, in hospital. The Lord, present in the marginalized. This atmosphere does so much bad".
Filipino couple tells Synod that the traditional family is a gift, that enlightened charity is needed for others
George and Cynthia Campos intervened during the first week of the Synod on the family. Members of 'Couples for Christ', they walked together blessed by the presence of four children. Despite the serious challenges God placed on their path, they did not waver. They continued helping other couples. For new, irregular situations, they say that new ways to prepare and accompany others are needed.
Pope: Christian hope "is not optimism," but "fervent expectation" of Christ’s return
"All nations will be together" in the heavenly Jerusalem, and "there will be no more isolation, bullying or discrimination of any kind - social, ethnic or religious - we will all be one in Christ." "Thus the Church has the task of keeping the lamp of hope lit and clearly visible so it may continue to shine as a sure sign of salvation and illuminate the path that leads to the encounter with the merciful face of God for all humanity" .