Year of the Eucharist

Year of the Eucharist

Nepalese Catholics celebrate the Year of the Eucharist

In Nepal too, despite internal tensions between the army and Maoist guerrillas, Catholics have come together to celebrate the Year of the Eucharist.

A week to celebrate the Year of the Eucharist in Mosul diocese
Prayers and moments of reflections are held in every parish. "People feel the need for a God who is close," says Chaldean bishop.
Corpus Domini Procession: bringing Christ to the streets of the city in the Pope's words
Benedict XVI's homily for the celebration of Corpus Domini
The Eucharist in Bangladesh, where Sunday is a "workday"

A P.I.M.E. missionary in this Muslim country tells of the difficulties and the efforts of the local Church to enhance appreciation for the Eucharist.  Here, Sunday is a workday; the communities scattered in the tribal areas are not able to celebrate mass and prayer sessions are entrusted to laypeople.  Beyond these difficulties, Christ's gratuitous sacrifice for man continues to give life to the Church's mission.

Pope: God is not solitude, but a gift of love in the Eucharist as well

On the feast of the Most Holy Trinity, Benedict XVI emphasizes the core of the Christian message, that God is love. There is a greeting too for the Eucharistic Congress of the Italian Church which started last night in Bari.

Organ donations increase in the Year of the Eucharist
Bishops' directives for the Year of the Eucharist
The Eucharist is at the centre of our lives, says Bishop of Dhaka
The Japanese are fascinated by the Eucharist, the mystery of God Incarnate
A PIME missionary talks about how the Japanese approach the Eucharist: a close encounter with God. People convert after consulting the Internet.
The Eucharist: a mystery welcomed by Tribals and Hindus, a missioner's only strength
Interview with Fr Enzo Corba, PIME missioner. "We and NGOs provide the same social services, but with them it all ends with giving a diploma or healing the sick. Instead, with us people seek something more: a personal experience with God".
Catechism courses on the Eucharist
The Immaculate Conception and the Eucharist, a course in Christian culture in Tashkent
Thousands journey to start the Eucharistic and Marian Years
Eucharist is a 'love bomb' that changes the world, says Bishop of Mumbai
The Eucharist at the centre of pastoral letters by S Korean bishops
Pope's letter on the Eucharist now in Urdu
Clergy and laity are better aware of the Eucharist, Mgr Saldanha says
In the Year of the Eucharist, the Archdiocese of Lahore starts its pastoral plan.
Mission's roots are in the Eucharist, Bishop Zen says
Over 10,000 Catholics at the Mass to open the Year of the Eucharist and World Day for Missions.
The Eucharist at the centre of Huê Archdiocese's mission
Between salvation and gratitude, Christ in Cambodia

A missioner describes how he announces the Eucharist in a Buddhist world.

Pilgrimage for the Year of the Eucharist and the Pope
The Year of the Eucharist is a time of intense missionary commitment, Pope says
The Eucharist is light among the shadows that threaten the world, the Pope says
The start of the Year celebrated in Rome and Guadalajara. John Paul II announces that the next International Eucharistic Year will be held in Quebec City (Canada) in 2008 .
Suggestions and proposals to celebrate the Eucharist
Pope: from Rome to Guadalajara, Eucharist, mission and charity
Eucharist and mission are inseparable
The Eucharist at the centre of Thai Church life
"Mane nobiscum Domine": Pope's letter on the Year of the Eucharist

The Eucharist, sign of the real presence of Jesus, wins over "dark shadows of blood" cast by terrorism and laicism, enemy of humanity

Apostolic letter of Eucharist to appear Friday
The hunger of man and the world for the Eucharist
Cardinal Tomko discusses the Guadalajara Congress that will open the Year of the Eucharist
Pope: Year of the Eucharist to "start afresh from Christ"
Blood Donors' Day also remembered
Pope declares a Special Year of the Eucharist
It will end in October 2005, with the Synod of Bishops,the topic of which will be "The Eucharist as source and summit of the life and mission of the Church." 
Pope says Eucharist and Priesthood tied together until the end of time