Holy See - Israel: 10 years later, the problems still to be resolved

Christmas in Japan, studying Evangelii Gaudium to understand the faith better
During Advent, the bishop of Niigata led study sessions dedicated to Pope Francis' apostolic exhortation, which he describes as "a major challenge for Catholics" in Japan. In the New Year, it will be the turn to study Ad Gentes.
As 'Adopt a Christian from Mosul' continues, Mosul bishop notes that Jesus is born amid refugee containers
Persecuted by the Islamic state, refugees have lost everything: belongings, home, jobs, school, and their future. Yet, their faith and mission remain strong. For them, almost 900,000 euros have been raised and sent. Pope Francis sends a message of closeness. The campaign continues according to the Patriarch of Baghdad's proposal of fasting and moderation at Christmas and New Year, with the money saved offered to the Christians of Mosul.
Christmas for Vuon, a Cambodian who converted and beat illness thanks to Jesus
Vuon is a young man living with polio, who in faith found the strength to "keep walking". During his childhood, he lived among street kids in the capital, in search of work as a source of redemption. His encounter with Jesus allowed him to overcome his alcoholism problem and create a family. A PIME missionary in Cambodia tells his story.
Archbishop of Colombo: Have faith, Pope Francis will bring peace to Sri Lanka
Card. Malcolm Ranjith intervenes in the debate sparked by the proximity of Presidential elections with the apostolic trip next January. Both candidates have assured the Bishops' Conference that "a peaceful atmosphere will prevail."
Tokyo: as expected, Shinzo Abe wins big
The coalition led by outgoing premier won 325 seats out of 475, or two thirds of seats needed to govern unchallenged. Experts insist the outcome is less a victory for the prime minister than a defeat for the opposition whose leader lost his seat. Now the prime minister has three years to implement his "Abenomics", restart nuclear plants and redesign the armed forces.
Pope tells Union of Blind and Sight-impaired Persons that Saint Lucy teaches courage, community, and self-giving
On the feast day of the patron saint of the blind, Francis Pope stresses the "human" values to which ​​she bore witness, which are important even for a "non-denominational" association. What are needed are courage not to take on an attitude of "victimisation," and a sense of community by way of "supporting one another". Giving oneself to others is the secret of happiness.