Holy See - Israel: 10 years later, the problems still to be resolved

Fr. Jaeger: some issues with the government difficult but resolvable
Minister Poraz: some improvements, but problems persist with the Holy See
Holy See - Israel: 10 years later, the problems still to be resolved
Israeli Minister Poraz meets Cardinal Sodano
Interior Minister Poraz to visit Vatican tomorrow

Taxes on Church properties in the Holy Land will be on the discussion table.

Holy See – Israel : "positive" meetings, but with a few obstacles
Monsignor Sambi "Remarkable progress but difficulties persist".  Negotiations adjourned to October
Archdiocese of Cologne appeals to the Israeli High Court of Justice against the Israeli government
Israel - Holy See: meetings are cordial but Church's rights still face some obstacles
Guarded optimism about the resumption of negotiations

Statements by Mg Pietro Sambi, Apostolic delegate to Jerusalem, and Oded Ben Hur, Israel's Ambassador to the Holy See.

American influence on the Vatican-Israel dialogue

An interview with Fr. David M. Jaeger on what Israeli newspaper Haaretz has called "a success of Vatican diplomacy".

Visa denied to African and Asian priests

Discrimination stems from fear they might become illegal immigrants in Israel

By 2004, full relations between Israel and Vatican: ambassador gives his word

In an exclusive interview with AsiaNews, His Excellency Oded Ben Hur explains the reasons for his optimism

Israeli Commission searching for solution regarding visas for religious personnel


Franciscans and other religious treated like illegal immigrants
For the first time in over 50 years, Israel's government has refused to renew visas belonging to some one hundred nuns, priests and other religious. Now the  Holy Land Custodian Spokesman is appealing to Churches around the world for moral and legal support. 
Israel – Holy See: no apparent fruit after 10 years of diplomatic relations
Fr. David Jaeger, expert in Israel-Holy See agreements, says 10 years ago the Church took a courageous step in initiating diplomatic relations with Israel. Now Israel must show the same courage in returning to the bargaining table.