A maimed Europe signs its constitution

04/12/2014 VATICAN
Pope: the many "hidden saints", the "saints of everyday life" are the hope of the Church
They are "the sick who offer their suffering for the Church, for others", the "many elderly people living alone, who pray and offer", "so many mothers and fathers of families, who, with so much effort, raise their families, educate their children, carry on their daily work, bear their problems, but always with hope in Jesus, who do not strut about, but do what they can"."many priests who are not seen, but who work in their parishes with such love: [doing the work of] catechesis for children, care of the elderly, of the sick, the preparation of new spouses ".
04/12/2014 PHILIPPINES
With typhoon Ruby approaching, Filipino bishops entrust the country to the Lord
On Saturday, the Philippines should be hit by super typhoon 'Hagupit'. Bishops' Conference president calls on Catholic schools, churches and parishes to open their doors and prepare to accept refugees. He also urges the government "commence evacuation now [. . .] especially when faced with a danger so severe".
04/12/2014 LEBANON
Lebanon mourns the death of Said Akl, a great poet and example of Christian faith
Prominent people from politics, culture and government filled up Beirut's Saint George Maronite Cathedral to pay their last respects to the great man of letters and faith. Patriarch Rahi paid tribute to a man who has always looked for God's presence in Christ's face. After 102, he permeated a century of Lebanese and Arab history with his genius.
04/12/2014 CHINA
For the umpteenth time, Beijing announces the end of organ harvesting from prisoners
Long criticised by the international community, China will end the practice in 2015, said the director of the China Organ Donation and Transplant Committee. However, Chinese authorities have been saying that same thing for years without actual results. Ordinary Chinese also have concerns about whether the organs will be allocated in a fair, open and just way."
04/12/2014 VATICAN
For the pope, the poor "cannot become an opportunity for gain"
Christian volunteers are "witnesses of charity, peacemakers, artisans of justice and solidarity." Pope wonders, "How many people in the world are fleeing from the horrors of war, or are persecuted for their faith". How many migrants are "left at the mercy of the sea and gangs of unscrupulous traffickers." All the while, "An economic system that plunders nature is among the main causes of poverty."