Elections in Iraq

Pope: the Kingdom of God is not "a spectacle" and grows in the perseverance of many who raise family
"The Kingdom of God is silent, it grows inside us. The Holy Spirit nourishes it through our willingness, in our land, which we have to prepare". "Even suffering, the Cross, the cross of everyday life - the cross of work, family, to carry on doing good things - this small daily cross is part of the Kingdom of God".
For Atanacio Jovi, it is possible to be gay and Catholic by "loving God above all"
In an article published on the website of the Bishops' Conference of the Philippines, Atanacio Jovi says he is gay but has "embraced chastity" because the Church invites to "true love," which never lets one down, i.e. "love for God and God's love for all". Devoted to Our Lady Mediatrix of All-Grace, he lives his sexual orientation with serenity. "If I love someone, I want the best for that person. And this goes beyond physical union."
ASEAN: Hanoi and Manila united front against Chinese imperialism on the seas
The regional summit opens today: cooperation, peace and maritime security at the center of agenda. In recent days, talks between Trương San Tan and Benigno Aquino. Freedom of navigation and maritime trade a must.