The wall between Israel and Palestine

Pope: read the Gospel 10 minutes each day to learn about Jesus and have real hope
"Take the Gospel, read and imagine the scene, imagine what happens and talk to Jesus, as I come from the heart. And with this we do hope grow, because we have fixed, we keep our eyes fixed on Jesus." "So our Christian life is moving in that frame, between memory and hope".
The legacy of Kenji Goto: Hate is not for humans
A tweet by the Japanese Christian reporter, killed by the terrorists of the Islamic state, becomes his spiritual testament: "If I get angry or I'll scream it's over. The judgment is God's." The Bishop of Niigata, Msgr. Kikuchi: "We cannot accept that an act so brutal and violent being committed in the name of the Lord, who is the Creator of us all".
Bangladesh, political violence threatens survival of population
A new arsonist attack caused seven deaths and 16 seriously wounded. Traffic strike imposed by opposition "maintained" by constant attacks. The goal is to bring down the government. Material damage greater than number of victims: prices rise; raw materials, not delivered, waste away; ordinary people lose their jobs.
Tibet, purge of 15 senior communists officials "loyal to the Dalai Lama"
The Global Times, the Party press organ, confirms the arrests. In 2014 another 240 people ended targeted by local Communists for breaking "rules of internal security". NGOs denounce: "Any activity not run by the government is considered separatist". The fight against corruption launched by Xi Jinping used as an instrument to punish the Buddhist faithful within the government.
Beijing: migrant workers sleep for three nights in an underpass to get unpaid wages
After completing a project between March and September on one of Beijing's many construction sites, the contractor refused to pay the workers' wages. The latter protested in front of a government office and in a nearby underpass. Only "media coverage helped us" get paid, said one. An estimated 40 million workers are in the same slave-like conditions.
Aid worker becomes a nun after assisting tsunami and Fukushima victims
Sawako Inae conducted a successful professional life first as an official of the United Nations Development Programme, and then in a position of responsibility at Caritas Japan. The encounter with and the assistance provided to victims of the 2011 earthquake changed her life, and pushed her to devote herself to God. Her bishop: "A story of inner conversion. God has wonderful plans for all of us."
Bishop of Rajshahi: the vocation for the priesthood is a call to responsibility
Bishop Rozario celebrates the ordination of a new priest. In recent years many priests, nuns and religious have abandoned consecrated life, unable to resist temptation. The faithful "must help their priests with prayer."
As India shifts towards fundamentalism, Indian priest urges Christmas prayers for religious freedom
As Hindu nationalist parties and movements come to power, a nationalist and extremist definition of the nation is taking hold. Attacks against minorities, particularly Christians, continue. By his silence, the prime minister takes sides. India is now likely to become another Pakistan. A public relations officer at the Archdiocese of Delhi shares his thoughts.