Miners in China,the cost ofeconomic development

03/01/2015 SOUTH KOREA
Korea bids farewell to Fr Sinnott, a missionary who fought dictatorship with the Gospel
The Maryknoll missionary arrived in the Asian country in 1960. In his early years, he was involved in pastoral work, providing health care for the poor in the Diocese of Incheon. In 1974, he stood up to Dictator Park and fought to save eight innocent people from the gallows. For his efforts, he was expelled from the country. He came "home" in 2005 after he was appointed to the "Truth Commission", and spent his last years painting, writing poetry and praying.
Manila, rector of Catholic University: the meeting with the Pope, an inspiration for young people
During his trip to the Philippines, the Pope will meet with young people at the Catholic University of St. Thomas. For the rector it will be a "special moment" of inspiration for new generations, in search of models to follow. The program includes moments of prayer, the recitation of the rosary, hymns and testimonials.
05/12/2014 RUSSIA
New charges of extremism against Jehovah's Witnesses in Russia
The Russian Supreme Court rules against a website and three books used by the community. The latter talk about God and how to lead a happy life. The sect, which is one of the most ill-treated religious minorities in the former Soviet Union, continues to face legal problems.
05/12/2014 INDONESIA
Jakarta sinks three Vietnamese fishing boats caught in its territorial waters
President Jokowi orders the Navy to "shoot and sink" illegal fishing boats, after taking crews into custody. His goal is to defend the local fishing industry and stop the loss of billions of dollars in revenue. Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, and Malaysia protest.
28/11/2014 ASIA-OPEC
Oil prices drop, amid tug of war between OPEC and the US. But markets celebrate
Black gold now valued at $ 70 a barrel, the lowest price since 2011. Difficulties in Britain and the US, where oil shale is no unprofitable. Problems and risk of recession for Russia.
27/11/2014 CHINA
Xinjiang, seven university students on trial for collaborating with Ilham Tohti
The group had disappeared into thin air in January. The authorities claims they are guilty of aiding the Uighur professor to "foment separatism" through a website. Lawyer: "It was a platform for debate among China’s ethnic minorities”. They now risk from five to 15 years in prison.
27/11/2014 PHILIPPINES
Philippine Church: No to the mega-oil facility, which pollutes Manila and its inhabitants
The auxiliary bishop of Manila appeals to the government to apply the Supreme Court ruling transferring the Pandacan oil depot. The judges declare the resolution that prolonged administrative operations of the site "unconstitutional". Catholics at the forefront in the defense of people’s health and the environment.
27/11/2014 INDIA
Federal agency says two girls in Dalit rape case not murdered
For the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), the two teenagers found hanging in their village "committed suicide." The federal agency also said it found no conclusive evidence that the two teenagers were gang raped. All five defendants, including two policemen, have been released. For civil society groups, the case is a "cover up".
27/11/2014 VATICAN
Pope calls Church to mission, witness, charity and listening in cities
Francis’ "proposals" for a ministry in a world in which the Church is no longer the only representative of culture, dialogue with multiculturalism is necessary as is the need to discover in the religiosity of our peoples, "the authentic religious substrata, which in many cases is Christian and Catholic".
27/11/2014 VATICAN
Pope calls Church to mission, witness, charity and listening in cities
Francis’ "proposals" for a ministry in a world in which the Church is no longer the only representative of culture, dialogue with multiculturalism is necessary as is the need to discover in the religiosity of our peoples, "the authentic religious substrata, which in many cases is Christian and Catholic".
25/11/2014 VATICAN - EUROPE
Pope: "building together" a Europe based on man, not the economy
Francis brings a "message of hope and encouragement" to the European Parliament. Overcoming an exaggerated individualism that forgets the duties of the common good. Be the bearer of human rights, democracy, welcome for migrants, respect for nature and a promoter of peace.
24/11/2014 VATICAN
Pope: A poor and humble Church is faithful, "shines" the light of Jesus, not its own
When the Church "is faithful to hope and to her Bridegroom, she is joyful to receive the light from Him, to be in this sense 'his widow'," while waiting for His return. All services that we do in the Church are to help us receive this light. "A service without this light is no good: it makes the Church rich, or powerful, or makes the Church seek power, or take the wrong road, as has happened many times in history".
22/11/2014 VATICAN
Pope: mission to evangelise is the real reason to renew one's life
Francis makes a number of suggestions to the participants of the Third World Congress of Ecclesial Movements and New Communities, like preserving "the freshness of charisma," respecting people's freedom in their education and always seeking Communion, whilst remembering that to achieve this goal "conversion must be missionary".
10/11/2014 KOREA - USA
Two Americans released in Pyongyang’s latest “diplomatic trick”
Kenneth Miller and Matthew Bae returned home after a long imprisonment. A source tells AsiaNews said that the regime wants the visit of a high-ranking official - James Clapper - and got it. But above all, Kim is concerned that Obama and Xi Jinping will unite to end his dynasty.
08/11/2014 INDIA
Jharkhand's tribal Mundari remember the first Catholic converts
Fr. Lino Fernandes SFX led a pilgrimage to celebrate "Kuntpani Mata". The celebration is in memory of the first six indigenous families who were baptized in 1873. The missionary: "It is Mary who draws all people to her and through her, to her Son Jesus."
06/11/2014 RUSSIA - PAKISTAN
Patriarch of Moscow writes to Pakistani president "pardon Asia Bibi"
In a letter to Hussain, Kirill warns: "There is the risk of jeopardizing the dialogue and relations between Christians and Muslims not only in Pakistan but all over the world."
06/11/2014 MYANMAR
Autopsy reveals signs of torture on the body of journalist killed by the Burmese army
Aung Kyaw Naing, Aung San Suu Kyi’s former bodyguard, died as a result of abuse by the military. His body bears obvious signs of a broken jaw, a caved-in skull and swelling on the torso indicating broken ribs and tow puncture wounds. No signs of gunshot wounds. Growing tensions between the media and the military.
05/11/2014 INDIA
After the attack at Wagah, Taliban “ready to attack India"
The group that claimed responsibility for the attack on Pakistan border slams prime minister Narendra Modi "murderer of hundreds of Muslims". Taliban spokesman promises: "We will avenge the innocent people of Kashmir and Gujarat."
04/11/2014 INDONESIA
Indonesian Priest: Enthusiasm of mission among Papua’s remote tribal areas
For the past five months Fr. Titus Budiyanto, a native of Sumatra, has worked in the parish of St. Peter in Kampung Bupul in the Diocese of Merauke. The Marian month of October, "a source of spiritual reconciliation among the faithful". On the evening of 31, the eve of All Saints, he baptized 20 children.
31/10/2014 MYANMAR
Myanmar, government opens talks with Aung San Suu Kyi on peace, reconciliation and reforms
On the orders of the head of state Thein Sein, the talks include the Nobel Peace Laureate, the head of the army, ethnic representatives and those of the main political parties. For the first time the various spirits and powers of the country come together for discussions. However, for critics it's just a façade ahead of the upcoming East Asia Summit.
27/10/2014 UKRAINE - RUSSIA
Ukrainian elections: prime minister Yatseniuk’s party takes lead
The results are still provisional. The prime minister is highly unpopular with Moscow, he favors a hard-line to resolve the conflict in the East. The Kremlin considers him Obama’s "puppet". Second place goes to the Poroshenko formation. Talks underway to form a coalition capable of ensuring peace and reform.
22/10/2014 EGYPT
Egypt's Holy Family pilgrimage can now be openly (and safely) undertaken
The Ministry of Tourism and the Coptic Church present a new tourist programme that covers all the sites visited by Joseph, Mary and Jesus during their flight from Herod's persecution. Under the Muslim Brotherhood government, the pilgrimage was stopped. Coptic businessman tells AsiaNews, "for the first time in years we" can "freely express ourselves and our faith, and build a better Egypt, everyone together, Christians and Muslims."
20/10/2014 INDIA
Mumbai: threats to life undermine God in society, says Card Gracias
In conjunction with the Synod on the Family, the Church in Mumbai organised a conference on 'Protecting, Preserving and Promoting the Gift of Human Life: Emerging Challenges'. "It is sad to see that many people today think they do not need God in their lives," says Mumbai archbishop. "The traditional family has deep roots" in India, but "the country's rapid industrialisation" creates challenges that must be met right away, says a professor of moral theology.
17/10/2014 VATICAN
Synod: "intense" debate in drafting of final document
Card. Marx: the Pope did not convene two synods to "repeat what has always been said" but "give a strong impetus to the family pastoral care". "The Magisterium of the Church is not a static collection of sentences, but is developed. Doctrine does not change but it is understood and implemented in different ways." Msgr. Pontier: a search for "a balance between the position of those who are more focused on the question of whether a certain situation is consistent with the teaching of the Church and those who invite us to pay more attention to people's needs".
06/10/2014 INDIA
For Odisha bishop, the Church is like a family in which everyone is a missionary
Mgr John Barwa reflects on the upcoming World Mission Sunday (19 October), stressing the urgency of the mission ad gentes to make Christ known to all nations, as well as the importance of knowing and understanding the suffering that affects our brothers and sisters in faith.