Miners in China,the cost ofeconomic development

Jakarta sinks three Vietnamese fishing boats caught in its territorial waters
President Jokowi orders the Navy to "shoot and sink" illegal fishing boats, after taking crews into custody. His goal is to defend the local fishing industry and stop the loss of billions of dollars in revenue. Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, and Malaysia protest.
Two Americans released in Pyongyang’s latest “diplomatic trick”
Kenneth Miller and Matthew Bae returned home after a long imprisonment. A source tells AsiaNews said that the regime wants the visit of a high-ranking official - James Clapper - and got it. But above all, Kim is concerned that Obama and Xi Jinping will unite to end his dynasty.
Autopsy reveals signs of torture on the body of journalist killed by the Burmese army
Aung Kyaw Naing, Aung San Suu Kyi’s former bodyguard, died as a result of abuse by the military. His body bears obvious signs of a broken jaw, a caved-in skull and swelling on the torso indicating broken ribs and tow puncture wounds. No signs of gunshot wounds. Growing tensions between the media and the military.
Mumbai: threats to life undermine God in society, says Card Gracias
In conjunction with the Synod on the Family, the Church in Mumbai organised a conference on 'Protecting, Preserving and Promoting the Gift of Human Life: Emerging Challenges'. "It is sad to see that many people today think they do not need God in their lives," says Mumbai archbishop. "The traditional family has deep roots" in India, but "the country's rapid industrialisation" creates challenges that must be met right away, says a professor of moral theology.
For Odisha bishop, the Church is like a family in which everyone is a missionary
Mgr John Barwa reflects on the upcoming World Mission Sunday (19 October), stressing the urgency of the mission ad gentes to make Christ known to all nations, as well as the importance of knowing and understanding the suffering that affects our brothers and sisters in faith.