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Catholic Women's Movement boosts the role of women in Indonesian society
Founded in 1924, the Indonesian Association of Catholic Women (WKRI) is active in promoting the dignity of women, according to the dictates of the Church. The movement’s goal is to tackle under-development and gender issues. Initiatives include, programs, female literacy, sewing classes and other training courses.
India government plans to repeal some 300 "colonial" laws but forgets the people
Two well-known activists speak to AsiaNews about legislative changes that focus on the economy, not on "real" problems. Prison reform and police abuse are not addressed. India's attempt to globalise leaves little space for human rights.
No hope for people buried alive in Sri Lanka landslide
Bad weather has been hampering rescue operations. For the Disaster Management Centre (DMC), about 100 people were trapped at home when tonnes of mud covered them. For locals, at least 250 are still missing.
Jerusalem: as the Temple Mount is reopened (with restrictions), tension remains high
Men under 50 still banned from the area. For Abbas, Israel's recent closure is tantamount to a "declaration of war". The funeral of Palestinian suspected of wounding Rabbi Glick takes place without incident. The latter remains hospitalised in intensive care.
Korea, Msgr. Kim elected president of Bishops. Bishop You to Justice and Peace
The bishops' conference concludes its plenary assembly convened to elect the new leadership of the episcopate. The Archbishop of Gwangju chosen by a large majority, his deputy will be Msgr. Chang. The Bishop of Daejeon, entrusted the most “sensitive” Commission. For Christ the King, a fundraiser for the Christians of Syria and Iraq.
Palestinian killed in Jerusalem suspected of having shot a rabbi
Police say the man suspected of the attack opened fire on counter-terrorism agents that had surrounded his house. The rabbi is the leader of a right-wing movement that wants Jews to be allowed pray on the Temple Mount, home to the al-Aqsa mosque and the Dome of the Rock.
Tokyo, the families of Yasukuni war victims: remove criminals from the sanctuary
The site is one of the "hot spots" of Asian geopolitics. Among the 2.5 million Japanese war dead honored in the temple is the names of 14 war criminals who have committed atrocities in China and Korea. Prime Minister Abe has always gone there, while the emperor has never gone.
Pope: "The devil exists" and "we have to fight him”, “girded in truth” “armored with justice”.
"This generation - and many others - were led to believe that the devil is a myth, a figure, an idea, the idea of evil. But the devil exists and we have to fight him". "The salvation that Jesus gives us is free", but we are called to defend it.
Kurdish peshmerga arrive in Turkey to fight in Kobane
They were greeted by thousands of Turkish Kurds who were barred from entering Syria to fight. Ankara fears the strengthening of the PKK and the creation of a Kurdish state. Some areas of the province of Idlib have passed into the hands of the Nusra Front, aided by the militia of the Islamic State.