Easter 2005:Asia, signs of hopestronger than death

Underground Catholic priest arrested

Measures against the unofficial Church increasing.  Conversions and baptisms also increasing.  At Easter all Catholics prayed for the Pope's health.

Easter in Mosul, Christians overcome fear and throng churches
Churches full of the faithful are a sign of the resurrection, says Chaldean priest.
Catholics celebrate Easter in a new church in northern Laos
One killed and six injured after an Easter attack by armed assailants
In Antioch Catholics and Orthodox celebrate Easter together
Easter in Pakistan, a time of solidarity despite discrimination
Waiting for the Resurrection of Christ and the rise of the sun on a working day
Catholics and Protestants gather at dawn. Christians and Muslims want Sunday as a day of rest.
Catholics and Muslims united by a Cross
Muslims donated the Cross of the Lady of Rosary Church. Traditionally, Muslims and Catholics prepare the Cross for worship during Holy Week. Services are scheduled to allow the faithful to participate.
In Phuket, the Passion of Christ can be seen in the eyes of people
Catholic priest relates how Easter is being celebrated on the tsunami-stricken island. The West has forgotten what happened but locals still know how to smile. Tourism is in crisis and reconstruction only concerns big hotels. Easter mass will be followed by an inter-faith meal for Buddhists and Christians.
Jerusalem: the Cross breaks down the wall of fear
A talk with Fr Pierbattista Pizzaballa, OFM, Custodian of the Holy Land.
Easter, a time of crowded churches and terrorist threats
Christians of Mosul, the light of the Resurrection in the Calvary of war
Mosul Archbishop's Easter message: "Let us learn from Jesus; let us work so that the last word is not left to terrorism and death." Local priest tells of Easter preparations: packed churches, youth attending Mass despite parents' orders.  Liturgy shortened during Holy Week to limit the risk of attacks.
Catholic NGO to help widows and children for Easter
The joy of the Risen in the midst of the trials of the Mideast, says Patriarch of Jerusalem
On Easter night 25 new Christians to join the faith
Cardinal Kitbunchu will welcome the catechumens into the Church.
Easter, the 'Light of Christ', from Jerusalem to the Jordan
Baghdad Christians celebrate Palm Sunday without fear
Christian political leader abducted in January is freed.
Catholics crowd churches for Palm Sunday services
The faithful are urged to pray; they are also invited to go and see Mel Gibson's 'The Passion of the Christ'.
Palm Sunday, when hope lies with the young
Despite storms Lebanon won't die, says Maronite Bishop of Beirut.
From the Passion of Christ to the fight against social injustice
Far from high tech gizmos, Thai Catholics celebrate Lent
The faithful comein large numbers toa spiritual retreat organised by the Archdiocese of Bangkok. Similar events involving Protestants and Muslims are planned for the rest of year.
Way Of The Cross To Emphasize Dignity Of Human Life From Conception
Fasting and solidarity during Lent in Pakistan
Christians begin fasting at sunset to be different from Muslims. Local dioceses urge the faithful to donate for tsunami victims.
On Eastern Sunday 174 Cambodians to become Christian
Catholics Pledge Thrifty Lunar New Year Celebrations To Help Tsunami Survivors