John Paul II, missionary for the Third Millennium

Only Christians can show Muslims the "mad utopia" of the Islamic State
Superstitions, rituals, deportation, rape, summary justice and indoctrination are the foundations upon which the power of terrorists rests. The latter want to create a theocratic and regressive "perfect city". But utopias generate terror and monsters like Communism and Nazism. Christians have a duty to show Muslims the "true face" of their religion as well as its "elements of violence."
Filipino Church builds more than 1,600 housing units for Yolanda victims
New, permanent units were built in all nine ecclesiastical sees hit by the typhoon. The aim is to complete at least 3,000 units by the end of the year. For NASSA executive secretary, many families have already received their shelter. The priest calls on the government to hurry up; so far it has not yet handed out the aid it had promised.
For Indian Jesuit, radical Hindu news service is a "tragedy" for democracy
Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), a right-wing paramilitary group affiliated with the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party, adds more languages to its news service. For Fr Cedric Prakash, the news agency's "fascist ideology" is a problem.
The victims of Stalinist terror remembered In Moscow's Lubyanka Square
Memorial organised today's 'Return of the names', 12-hour reading of the names of those executed in the 1930s for political reasons. Almost half of Russians now believe that they too will expression the same repression in their lifetime.
Malala not alone as Pakistan's gender gap gets wider
In its annual report, the World Economic Forum ranks the South Asian nation 141st out of 142 countries in terms of gender inequality. In the past few years, it has lost 30 positions. Nobel Prize laureate Malala is example and incentive for women. A forum slam the conditions of home-based workers, with neither legal status nor rights.
For Sri Lankan Catholics, the Synod on the Family was "distant from the problems of the Third World"
For a priest, the special meeting was "an invitation to listen to the suggestions of the Holy Spirit." For a teacher, people in "poor countries are more concerned with making a living than with communion for divorced and remarried people or same-sex couples."
Kyrgyz government to require religions to register or fold
The authorities propose changes to the existing Religion Law. If adopted, changes will further empower the State Commission for Religious Affairs (SCRA). For human rights activists, the amended legislation would "subordinate religion to the state".