Pope's wordsto the young people of WYD

Pope's wordsto the young people of WYD

Benedict XVI's and the WYD's challenge: Being Christian is something true and beautiful
Pope: Discover Christ to resolve forgetfulness of God and "do-it-yourself" religion

Benedict XVI celebrates the Eucharist, "the victory of love over hatred and over death" and appeals to youth to "adore" Christ and to take him to the world. Sunday, "a feast of God for us" is a source of pardon and of service to suffering and elderly people.

Benedict XVI: The 2008 WYD will be in Sydney

More than a million people, 9,000 priests and 800 bishops attend the closing mass of WYD. It is a celebration of the universality of the Church. The Mass collection will go to the Holy Land and victims of the Tsunami.

Pope: Terrorism is a "perverse and cruel decision" to be countered by inter-religious dialogue

Meeting representatives of Islamic communities, Benedict XVI urges "elimination from hearts of any trace of rancour" and opposition to all forms of violence. A strong appeal is made to hope and not to give in to apathy and disengagement.

Pope: Adoring Jesus, following the defenceless power of his love is the true revolution
A masterly and fatherly homily to 800,000 youth at WYD. The challenge of faith and of the church as a path to true humanity and global solidarity.
Pope at Cologne synagogue, "You build bridges towards Judaism," says Rabbi
The president of the Jewish community praises Benedict XVI's overtures. Pope reaffirms Catholic condemnation of anti-Semitism and calls on all to defend the sacredness of life, justice, world peace as the Decalogue commands.
Benedict XVI: WYD, where cultures and traditions meet, a blessing for Germany and the world
Pope: Take up John Paul's legacy and commit yourselves to serve Christ
Benedict XVI succeeds Pope John Paul II as young people's guide. He reserves special greetings for the youth of Asia.
The first interview with Benedict XVI: Youth, it's beautiful to be Christians!
Pope: Youths in Cologne; worshipping Jesus is still up to date

Benedict XVI invites all the Church to prepare for World Youth Day. He also joins in the sorrow of victims of the airline disaster in Capo Gallo and their families.