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Boats, schools, orphanages: a year of PIME aid for tsunami relief
PIME's campaign raised more than two million euros for tsunami victims.  In Tamil Nadu reconstruction work has ended, but money is now needed to cover unexpected costs in the Andaman Islands where monsoon rains continue to slow down recovery.
PIME campaign raises over 1.9 million euros for post-tsunami reconstruction
With economic recovery undertakings done, people are waiting for housing permits. Local Protestants and Hindus as well as local authorities are calling on PIME for assistance. Tonight, a scheduled meeting to consider overall effort will take place at PIME offices in Milan.
Solidarity, PIME's greatest gift to tsunami victims
Aid worker back from Tamil Nadu talks about the local population's gratitude, hope and courage after seeing the missionaries' active commitment to reconstruction.
Six months later: An overview of PIME help to tsunami victims
Only Catholic Church left on Andaman Islands to help tsunami victims
PIME missionary slams government, international NGOs and media for lack of interest in the reconstruction of the Indian archipelago. Monsoons are coming and we need real homes, not tents, he says.
PIME's tsunami campaign raises over 1.6 million euros
Various projects still have to be completed in the affected areas. Appeals are made for the world not to forget even if TV coverage has come to an end.
Many flock back to God on the Andaman Islands
India decides that reconstruction is not feasible on six islands. Young and old pray together the rosary in the ripening fields, says a missionary.
PIME's tsunami reconstruction campaign raised almost 600,000 euros
New boats for fishermen who survived the tsunami

PIME priest speaks about the PIME relief campaign he is coordinating in Tamil Nadu. A month after the tragedy rebuilding has started.

PIME tsunami campaign to assist Andaman Islands
Schools in Italy are paired with schools in the tsunami-affected areas.
PIME Campaign for tsunami victims in Asia: An update
Tsunami aid must be quick and on target
PIME Centre director says that reconstruction must be people-oriented and long-term. Sponsoring tsunami orphans is still premature. He insists how aid money is spent must be closely scrutinised.
People united by the hand of God despite the tragedy
The Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions (PIME) is launching a campaign to raise money for the Nirmala Hospital in Karinkal (one of the hardest hit areas in Tamil Nadu), a health facility run by the Missionaries of the Immaculata. A nun confirms that "people feel lost and are afraid", but compassion and empathy amongst the faithful of different religions are "the starting point for rebuilding the country".