Pope names 4 Chinese bishops as members of the Synod on the Eucharist

Pope to write letter to Chinese bishops invited to Synod
Pope will personally answer the letter send by Mgr Luke Li Jingfeng to express his regrets for not being able to come to the Synod. Mgr Kondrusiewicz, Bishop of Moscow, speaks about the situation of Russian Catholics, expressing hope Pope Benedict XVI and Patriarch Aleksij II can meet each other.
Beijing's "no" shatters the illusion that something has changed
But with his invitation to the 4 bishops, Benedict XVI has succeeded in reinforcing the sense of unity among all Chinese Catholics.
China's 4 bishops will not attend Synod
Negotiations still on for Chinese bishops' Rome visit
Ye Xiaowen, director of the State Bureau of Religious Affairs, tones down rhetoric.
Chinese Bishops invited to Rome: government has the last word

The invitation has displeased a spokesperson of the Patriotic Association.  But Catholics are happy and honoured. 

Synod on Eucharist: Vatican-appointed Chinese bishops speak
Mgrs Jin of Shanghai and Li Duan of Xian may have health problems and Mgrs Li Jingfeng of Fengxiang and Wei Jingyi of Qiqihar may be excited about their appointment, but they are all waiting with trepidation what the Chinese government will do. "The nominations are a sign of friendship towards China".
Mgr Wei Jingyi (Profile)
Mgr Aloysius Jin Luxian (Profile)


Mgr Luke Li Jingfeng (Profile)
Mgr Anthony Li Duan (Profile)
Pope names 4 Chinese bishops as members of the Synod on the Eucharist