Pope names 4 Chinese bishops as members of the Synod on the Eucharist

Modi-Xi deals to provide a "lesson in democracy"
The director of the People's Vigilance Committee for Human Rights views positively the new Beijing-Delhi relationship. Xi Jinping pledged investments worth US$ 20 billion over five years.
Islamic State threat pushes United States and Iran to discuss nuclear issue
US Secretary of State Kerry meets with Tehran’s Minister of Foreign Affairs. For the Americans, Iran has a role to play. In an effort to broaden the coalition in the fight against the jihadists, Kerry speaks with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov.
Saigon, government threatens to demolish Catholic churches and Buddhist temples
A development plan for an area south of Ho Chi Minh City includes the demolition of places of worship. The Inter-religious Council has launched a petition to stop the project. According to the urban development plan the area is zoned for housing and shopping malls, but not places of worship. A nun: "The government wants to drive us out."