Synod on the Eucharist

Synod on the Eucharist: the final Message
The Patriotic Association "opens" to the Synod, but media in China silent on the event
Synod writes to Chinese bishops
Pope to write letter to Chinese bishops invited to Synod
Pope will personally answer the letter send by Mgr Luke Li Jingfeng to express his regrets for not being able to come to the Synod. Mgr Kondrusiewicz, Bishop of Moscow, speaks about the situation of Russian Catholics, expressing hope Pope Benedict XVI and Patriarch Aleksij II can meet each other.
Synod considering how to celebrate the Eucharist in a secularised world
Here are the topics raised by Card Angelo Scola in his "relatio post disceptationem", i.e. after the discussions held in the synod hall.
Hong Kong Bishop says there is only one Church in China
Synod's solidarity with Pakistan quake victims
"Brother Delegates" speak at the Synod. Orthodox stress closeness to Catholics; Protestants talk of inter-communion.
Let the Church announce the Resurrection again
The Synod turns 40
Cardinal Tomko says "it is like a heart" for the Church.  A total of 3972 Fathers have taken part in 21 assemblies.
Pope urges "swift and generous" aid for South Asia quake victims

Benedict XVI talked about the new Blessed, Cardinal Von Galen and his witness against Nazism, a "neo-pagan ideology". He also mentioned the Synod, that it may prompt Catholics towards missionary commitment.

The Year of Eucharist leads to "discovery" of Catholicism

Conversions, returns to the church, an inter-religious meeting: all unfolding in Madhya Pradesh state.


Lights and shadows on the Eucharist, young people rediscover adoration
No communion for pro-abortion political leaders, Synod told
Card Lopez Trujillo says choices on sexual and family morality have serious consequences and are not simply a matter of personal choice.
The Year of the Eucharist breathes new life into the Church
The faithful take part in great numbers in the rituals. Half a million people come to the National Eucharistic Congress.
The Bread of Life vs the culture of death
Synod: the decline in confessions distances people from the Church

The need to relaunch reconciliation, Eucharistic centrality and a more equitable distribution of clergy were the topics addressed during deliberations.  The question of communion for the divorced and remarried was also discussed.

Synod on the Eucharist at the centre of the Church and the world

Christians diminish celebrations when they exalt "the works of man", more than the "works of God".  The world needs to learn from the Eucharist what solidarity is.

Lebanon marks the start of the Synod with celebrations and prayers
The Pope speaks to the Synod about the meaning of collegiality
Pope says Eucharist is antidote to Christians' lukewarm faith and atheism in the world

In the opening mass of the Synod of the Eucharist, Benedict XVI put the Church in the west on guard against its possible disappearance. And he reminded the world that where God is marginalized, there is only violence and injustice.

Angelus: the Eucharist, driving force behind the mission of Francis Xavier and Therese of Lisieux
Sister Nirmala Joshi speaks about the importance of the Eucharist in Mother Teresa's life
In an exclusive interview with AsiaNews, the Superior General of the Missionaries of Charity remembers how central the Eucharist was in the mission of the Blessed Mother. From its adoration, she drew "light and energy to recognise, love and serve Jesus amongst the poor". "May It lead to an explosion of charity," says the message of the Missionaries of Charity.
The Pope's Angelus address: "Imitate Mother Teresa, an example of active and often heroic charity".
Pope: saints and priests help us to live the Eucharist