Synod on the Eucharist

Big pro-democracy student strike starts in Hong Kong
The weeklong class boycott began today. "[P]ained and outraged to see the advancement of democracy in Hong Kong stifled and suppressed," about 400 academics and non-teaching staff stand by students, who are "Hong Kong's future". Occupy Central is planning a silent sit-in for 1 October, anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic. Billionaires from the former colony are set to meet with Xi Jinping to ask him to "stop" the pro-democracy movement.
Archbishop of Yangon: human trafficking, "a hell that shames Myanmar"
Msgr. Charles Bo lashes out against this modern form of slavery, particularly widespread in South-East Asia. The Burmese dictatorship created a "nation of the Exodus" and the current government also shows nothing but "indifference". Harsh accusations against China and its one-child policy, the cause of an "abominable" trafficking.
For Baghdad patriarch, an intervention by Arab States is essential in the Iraqi crisis
At the UN, the patriarchs and bishops of the Churches of the Middle East denounce the sufferings of Christians, victims of the violence of the Islamic State, a tragic situation that calls for action by the international community. Islamists must be defeated and peaceful coexistence restored. AsiaNews presents Mar Sako's address.
Pope Francis approves canonisation of the Apostle of Sri Lanka
The Blessed Joseph Vaz will be a saint. Within the Church of Sri Lanka, some hope to see the canonisation ceremony take place during next January's apostolic visit by the pope.
Iranian absence at Paris Conference "regrettable"
France begins reconnaissance flights in Iraq; US air raids spread to the south-west of Baghdad. Silence on raids in Syria to counter militants of the Islamic State. Russia will contribute with a deep analysis of the situation.
Goodbye to Sarath Fernando, who dedicated his life to the protection of creation in Sri Lanka
The Catholic intellectual died at the age 71 from cardiac arrest. Engaged since his youth in social and political activism, he also founded a number of movements to defend farmers.
Pope: two mothers, "two women - Mary and the Church – carry forward the hope that is Christ, gift us Christ"
Without Mary there would be no Jesus, just as "without the Church we cannot go forward". "Jesus came into the world to learn how to be a man, and in being a man, to walk with men. He came into the world to obey, and he obeyed. But he learned obedience by suffering."
Occupy Central ready for a lavish democracy "banquet" in Hong Kong
The "courses" include peaceful acts of civil disobedience to be held on an almost weekly basis. The first one will entail a 500-metre-long black banner to express Hongkongers' ire at Beijing's offer of universal suffrage. Chinese scholar warns that Beijing might restrict the territory's freedom. Catholic Church backs the student strike.