H5N1: The avian flu

Andhra Pradesh, Msgr. Ramazzotti "inspiration and provocation for all Indian Catholics"
Great celebrations in Eluru for the opening of the year dedicated to the PIME founder. The local bishop, Msgr. Maipan, recalls his life "worthy of a saint" and urges the faithful to be "true disciples" of the founding father of the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions. The delivery of the crucifix to a young Indian, who is leaving for Papua New Guinea, "demonstrates the PIME vocation which is increasingly an expression of the missionary will of the local churches."
Half of Chinese billionaires plans to flee their country within five years
A survey looks at people with more than $ 1.5 billion in assets and found that 47 per cent of Chinese respondents want to leave, mostly to Hong Kong and Canada. Many of the super-rich in Singapore and Britain want to do the same.
Poverty, fanaticism and a desire for revenge drive Boko Haram in Cameroon
Islamic terrorism is gaining ground not only in Nigeria. Young Cameroonians are leaving their families for a holy war. Westerners, but also local politicians are their target. Peaceful coexistence between faiths and ethnic groups is at risk.
Obama calls Saudi King before his speech against the Islamic state
An expansion of air raids in Iraq and in Syria; checks on the financing and recruitment of IS militiamen; aid to refugees. There is also a program to train and arm anti-Assad rebels.
Human Rights Watch accuses Israel of war crimes in Gaza
The group points to attacks against three UN-run schools. Yesterday, the Israeli military announced its own investigation. The UN says both Israel and Hamas violated humanitarian principles.
Burmese activists: Despite promises, in 2014, a growing number of political prisoners
President Thein Sein had promised the release of all prisoners of conscience by the end of 2013. In reality, the number has increased and is expected to grow even in these last months of the year. There are currently 122 people on trial for crimes of a "political" nature. In August, 28 new trials, five prisoners tortured in prison.
Pope: Church teaches that mercy is to share with those in need
The example of Mother Teresa, who brought the dying home and "gave them a dignified farewell”. May God "instill courage" in the Christians of the Middle East "in the fight against the forces of evil and to open the eyes of those who are blinded by evil, so they may soon see the light of truth and repent for their mistakes". Thanks to "Mare Nostrum".
Syrian Christians main victims of fighting among anti-Assad Islamists
In Ram Hamdan, a suicide bomber kills the leader of Ahrar al-Sham and 40 other people, including senior commanders of the extremist movement. Fingers point at the Islamic State, which in the past has carried out similar attacks against the rival group. Al Nusra forces encircle the Greek Orthodox stronghold of Mhardeh with the goal of seizing its government military base.
Uri Avnery: The danger of the Islamic State and of Israeli Messianic Zionism
The lack of agreement for peace in the Holy Land has fueled the rise of Arab Islamist forces. A conflict of nationalist leanings has become sectarian war; Zionist secular forces have taken on a religious and fundamentalist leaning. The Islamist movement is a response to the desire for revenge in the Muslim world. Below, we publish an editorial by Uri Avnery, a former Israeli parliamentarian, writer and peace activist. (From Gush Shalom)
China, a record for exports. But domestic market languishes
Official government figures released today show a 9.4% growth in exports for the month of August. But imports yield 2.4 percentage points, the stagnant housing market weighs on the stabilization of domestic consumption. The "iPhone" factor which will give an important stimulus to the Chinese economy for the rest of 2014.
Vatican and Vietnam meet again to improve bilateral relations and the life of Catholics
The fifth meeting of the Joint Working Group will be held on 10 and 11 September in Hanoi. Full diplomatic relations and the issue of respect for religious freedom, which is severely restricted, will be discussed.
Ukraine crisis, Minsk cease-fire holds
Yesterday's agreement includes the release of "hostages" and the withdrawal of heavy weapons from the battlefields of the East, by both factions. Today the first shipment of humanitarian aid should enter the Dombass. Separatist leader: "This truce doesn't mean that our course for secession is over."
Pope: Christian identity is not "academic degrees", but being moved by the Holy Spirit
"If we Christians do not fully understand the things of the Spirit, if we do not give or offer witness then we no identity". "Often, so often, we find among our faithful, simple old women who perhaps didn’t even finish elementary school, but who can speak to us of things better than any theologian, because they have the Spirit of Christ".
More than 30 churches and chapels re-open in areas affected by typhoon Yolanda
Caritas Manila led the rebuilding project. "The people were really happy and others became emotional that after some months, their churches were rebuilt again".
Churches and crosses demolished: lawyers challenge Zhejiang government in defense of religious freedom
The faithful of the Salvation Church in Pingyang (Wenzhou) were violently harassed by police and thugs in an attempt to defend the cross of their church. Lawyers say this violates the Chinese Constitution. The government of Wenzhou defends itself: only a tiny fraction of the buildings were destroyed churches. But Protestant pastors accuse it of persecution.
Floods leave 200 people dead and 10,000 families homeless
For residents, this is the worst environmental disaster in 70 years. At present, 400 people are missing with hundreds injured. Some 30,000 homes have been flooded, 5,000 damaged. In Bardia District, there is no drinking water. The carcasses of dead animals are causing fear of disease. The Catholic Church and Caritas are providing aid.