Nuns beaten in Xian

03/09/2014 CHINA
Zhejiang: 90 million drug capsules laced with the toxic metal chromium sold
The authorities warn people, arrest 11 people, but most of the stock is still unaccounted for. Chromium is used in metallurgy, and as buffer. If ingested in large amounts, it can cause death. China's streak of food and drug safety scandals continue.
03/09/2014 INDIA
Narendra Modi's first 100 days, good for business, bad for religious minorities
Wada Na Todo Abhiyan, a coalition of NGOs, releases a review of the government's first months in office. Some signs are positive, in areas like poverty, but others are worrisome. The latter include Hindu radicalism and pro-business policies, which could degrade the country's environment and overuse its natural resources.
02/09/2014 NORTH KOREA - USA
Pyongyang puts three American prisoners on show to pressure US
The Kim regime allows CNN to interview and broadcast appeals from Kenneth Bae, Jeffrey Fowle and Matthew Miller: the first was sentenced to 15 years hard labor, the other two are awaiting trial. The North has always used foreign prisoners as a bargaining chip for material aid and cash.
02/09/2014 SRI LANKA
Vavuniya: relatives of missing people want the government to stop atrocities
Hundreds of people gather to honour those who went missing during and after the civil war. "We believe that our children are still alive," said a woman. "I call on President Mahinda Rjapakasa to find a solution to our tears, and stop once and for all these brutal kidnappings."
02/09/2014 IRAQ
Christian man tortured and killed by Islamic State militants for refusing to convert to Islam
For more than three weeks, Salem Matti Kourk was holed up in his home to avoid capture by Islamists. Once he ran out of food, he went out to find some but was stopped and beaten to death, his body dumped on a street. For Chaldean Patriarchate, he is "another martyr, a victim of extremist folly." In the capital, a car bomb kills a young Syrian Catholic student.
Shanghai bishop prays for new Hong Kong prelates, as well as peace for them and China
From the Marian shrine of Sheshan where he is confined, Mgr Thaddeus Ma Daqin sends a prayer for the three new episcopal brothers ordained by Card Tong in the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. He asked "the almighty God to bless them, and under the leadership of Cardinal Tong the new bishops will serve in charity, help pastoral work and evangelization work to grow, and bring blessings to Hong Kong". Bishop Ma also "wished peace in Hong Kong and peace in their motherland China".
01/09/2014 PAKISTAN
Islamabad: police clash with anti-government protesters, army ready to intervene
Army calls for a "peaceful" solution to the crisis. The opposition, led by Imran Khan, seeks to force the prime minister to resign. Three die and hundreds injured, including children, in clashes over the weekend. State TV stormed by protesters. Military on alert. Senior members of the opposition party criticize use of violence.
29/08/2014 CHINA - HONG KONG
As Beijing gets its draft for Hong Kong "democracy" ready, democrats pledge to boycott it
The Standing Committee of the National People's Congress praises the draft rejected by the Occupy Central movement. Even the most flexible democrats will not vote for it. There are fears of social unrest.