The Mohammed cartoon strips:Islam shows its darkest face

Foreign investment and security to boost youth employment in Pakistan
Unemployment is rising in the Asian country, especially among young people (22 per cent). Poor government policies, terrorism and energy shortages have aggravated the problem. Affirmative action in favour of minorities, like 5 per cent in public sector jobs, has proven ineffectual. Job creation requires greater focus on "human capital".
For Catholic Church spokesman, Egyptian Muslims show solidarity with Iraq's persecuted Christians
Media and civil society groups are following with concern events in the Arab country. Criticism is expressed against the inertia of Arab and Muslim leaders. Father Greiche describes a nation that is slowly recovering with "a sense of greater security." The Qur'an and the sayings of the Prophet have become the subject of "non-violent" interpretation.
Fr. Joseph Lu Genjun, episcopal vicar of Baoding, freed after 8 years in prison
He belongs to the underground clergy and had been jailed on previous occasions. He has been released without conditions (registration among official clergy or the Patriotic Association). For the past few days he has been living with Msgr. Francis An Shuxin in Baoding. No change to religious policy: the bishop of Baoding and two priests are still in jail or have disappeared in police custody.
Forming the intellect and the spirit of Indonesia's Catholic university students, the country's future excellence
The aim of the seminar attended by 10 young students from Java's best universities. Catholic psychologist: forming mature adults in their personality and behaviour. Student Gadjah Mada: nurturing a critical sense to be ever more worthy "before God and society."