The Mohammed cartoon strips:Islam shows its darkest face

15/08/2014 KOREA - VATICAN - AYD
Pope calls on Korean Catholics to reject inhumane economics and the culture of death
Celebrating Mass for the Assumption in the Daejeon World Cup Stadium, Francis said that, as Mary taught us, "True freedom is found in our loving embrace of the Father's will". He also called on the faithful to "be a generous force for spiritual renewal at every level of society," noting that the Gospel "is the antidote to the spirit of despair that seems to grow like a cancer in societies which are outwardly affluent, yet often experience inner sadness and emptiness." After the Angelus, he devoted a special prayer for those who died in Sewol sinking. Before the ceremony, a young Spaniard asked him to pray for North Korea, to which Francis replied that he does every day. Some Chinese seminarians were also present at the event.
14/08/2014 PAKISTAN
Foreign investment and security to boost youth employment in Pakistan
Unemployment is rising in the Asian country, especially among young people (22 per cent). Poor government policies, terrorism and energy shortages have aggravated the problem. Affirmative action in favour of minorities, like 5 per cent in public sector jobs, has proven ineffectual. Job creation requires greater focus on "human capital".
14/08/2014 KOREA - VATICAN - AYD
Seoul, Francis’ first immersion among crowd. To the bishops: "May we be saved from spiritual worldliness"
The Meeting with Korean bishops becomes the first embrace between the Pope and the faithful gathered to greet him. Despite a suffocating security, the Pope got out of his car to embrace and greet those present. To the Bishops: "Guardians of memory and hope, do not be overwhelmed by worldly standards of success. Woe to us if the cross is emptied of its power to judge the wisdom of this world".
13/08/2014 KOREA - VATICAN
Gu-Won Lee, with Pope Francis I will proclaim the Gospel of life with no legs or arms
Suffering from severe congenital malformations, the young man was abandoned at birth. Adopted by a Catholic priest, he managed to graduate at the Catholic University of Daejeon and entered as a lay brother in the Missionary Society of St. Luke. "I want to communicate to Korea and to the world the message of hope in our Lord." In two days he will meet the Pope.
13/08/2014 IRAQ
Patriarch of Baghdad: USA, EU and the Arab League must clear Nineveh plain of Jihadists
Mar Sako calls for a joint intervention to crush the Jihadist threat and "help the displaced" Christians, Yazidis and Shiites to return to their villages of origin. International efforts undertaken so far are "insufficient" and a central government "still being formed" cannot be relied upon. Sadness at the continuous migration of the faithful, Christian "heritage" of Iraq at risk.
13/08/2014 INDIA
Karnataka: four Christian’s arrested, later released, on charges of forced conversions
The women had visited a family of another religion. Some villagers called the police, claiming they had seen them "put pressure, laying siege to the house." The President of the Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC): "The Hindu nationalist forces want to spread a feeling of suspicion towards Christians."
13/08/2014 SRI LANKA
Pakistani refugee pleads for his compatriots not to be sent home to be killed
A Protestant pastor appeals on behalf of dozens of refugees seeking political asylum in Sri Lanka. Disregarding the request by the UN agency for refugees, Sri Lanka's government has begun deportation. At least 84 Pakistanis, 71 Afghans and 2 Iranians could be expelled.
13/08/2014 EGYPT - ISLAM
For Catholic Church spokesman, Egyptian Muslims show solidarity with Iraq's persecuted Christians
Media and civil society groups are following with concern events in the Arab country. Criticism is expressed against the inertia of Arab and Muslim leaders. Father Greiche describes a nation that is slowly recovering with "a sense of greater security." The Qur'an and the sayings of the Prophet have become the subject of "non-violent" interpretation.
12/08/2014 CHINA-VATICAN
Fr. Joseph Lu Genjun, episcopal vicar of Baoding, freed after 8 years in prison
He belongs to the underground clergy and had been jailed on previous occasions. He has been released without conditions (registration among official clergy or the Patriotic Association). For the past few days he has been living with Msgr. Francis An Shuxin in Baoding. No change to religious policy: the bishop of Baoding and two priests are still in jail or have disappeared in police custody.
12/08/2014 JAPAN
Typhoon Halong hits Japan, at least 10 dead and more than 60 injured
Downgraded to a tropical storm, the tropical cyclone is now on its way to the east coast of Russia. Some 700 flights were cancelled and 145 train services were delayed on the Tokyo-Osaka line. Almost 500 homes were damaged by the huge downpour, which reached a 1,000 mm in a few hours in some locations. A final death toll is not yet available.
Gaza war: three more days of truce. Negotiations resume in Cairo
Shortly before the truce there were rockets and a raid. Almost 2 thousand deaths in a month of war. Israeli shells destroy the home of a armed Palestinian militant. Five people wounded, including three children.
11/08/2014 IRAQ
Iraq in chaos: Al-Maliki takes on President and deploys troops across Baghdad
The Prime Minister has deployed troops in strategic areas of the capital, especially around the "Green Zone". Maliki charges the head of state for violation of Constitution. The United States renews its confidence in the president, the Kurd Masum. Meanwhile, the political impasse continues, next Parliamentary session slated for August 19.
11/08/2014 CHINA
To stop corruption, (the party's) absolute power must be curbed
For the great leader, the Zhou Yongkang investigation comes as no surprise. The party decides who and what can be pursued. A genuine fight against corruption requires democracy, an independent public opinion and independent judiciary. Courtesy of Radio Free Asia.
11/08/2014 CHINA
To stop corruption, (the party's) absolute power must be curbed
For the great leader, the Zhou Yongkang investigation comes as no surprise. The party decides who and what can be pursued. A genuine fight against corruption requires democracy, an independent public opinion and independent judiciary. Courtesy of Radio Free Asia.
09/08/2014 INDONESIA
Forming the intellect and the spirit of Indonesia's Catholic university students, the country's future excellence
The aim of the seminar attended by 10 young students from Java's best universities. Catholic psychologist: forming mature adults in their personality and behaviour. Student Gadjah Mada: nurturing a critical sense to be ever more worthy "before God and society."
09/08/2014 VIETNAM - CHINA - ASEAN
Naypyidaw: ASEAN summit tackles security on the seas and greater cooperation
47th summit of the Association which brings together 10 countries of South-East Asia is being held in the Burmese capital. Objectives include the creation of a common market by 2015 and greater guarantees in maritime trade. Manila and Hanoi lead push against Beijing’s expansionism. But China will continue to "build what we want."
08/08/2014 ITALY - IRAQ
"Adopt a Christian from Mosul" to respond directly to Iraq's emergency
AsiaNews is launching a fundraiser to support Christians targeted by the Islamic State, thus responding to a request by the Patriarch of Baghdad and Pope Francis's urgent appeal "to guarantee all necessary assistance - especially the most urgently needed aid - to the great multitude of people who have been driven from their homes, whose fate depends entirely on the solidarity of others." More than 100,000 people have been forced to flee their homes leaving everything behind and now have nothing to live on. To help them, five euros a day are enough. The funds raised will be sent to the Patriarchate of Baghdad, which will distribute them according to the needs of each family.