The Mohammed cartoon strips:Islam shows its darkest face

Pope: respect for religions, but insults do not justify violence

Benedict XVI condemns the Mohammad caricatures and asks that the exercise of religious freedom be allowed everywhere in conditions of reciprocity.

Lebanon holds a special place in the Pope's heart, says Siniora
The prime minister highlights the "Holy See's special interest in Lebanon and its unique role in the Middle East region". Vatican slams the blasphemous cartoons. Patriarch Sfeir demands that an agreement be reached over President Lahoud's successor before his removal.
Religious intolerance is taught every day, says Church in Pakistan

The National Commission for Justice and Peace calls the Muhammad cartoons published by a Danish paper a provocation but says that intolerance is part of Pakistan's language of politics, mass media and school textbooks, hence the need to develop a culture of peace. More protests occur in Karachi today.

A boy among victims of vignette protests

The boy was killed in Peshawar. There was another death in Lahore, where students are pressing ahead with violent rallies. In the North West Frontier Province, all educational institutions have been shut down for a week.

Muslim countries seek UN resolution to shield religions
A proposal by 57 Muslim countries says that the "defamation of religions and prophets is inconsistent with the right to freedom of expression".
"We support our Muslim brothers, but stop the violence."

In a document made public today, the Movement for Inter-Religious Dialogue, Silsilah, "deplores events like the publication of vignettes which desecrate Mohammed, the continued violence in Iraq and killings of Jolo"; these "threaten the search for peace and dialogue".

Muhammad cartoons might reach UN
Some Islamic countries want to ban mocking religion. Fewer demonstrations are taking place today. Journalists are fired for publishing the cartoons; others are arrested.
Voices of moderation amid caricature protests

Hamas offers mediation; from Malaysia, the call for Islam and the West to accept each other as equals; similar appeals from Sri Lanka and Bangladesh; hundreds of thousands participate in Hezbollah protest with no incidents to report.

Muhammad cartoon strips as seen from Afghanistan: put at risk the work of the Church

The director of  missio sui iuris in Afghanistan comments on the war of the cartoon strips: the west must free itself of its' subordination to Islam, it must learn to respect religious beliefs and deepen its self awareness. Fr.  Santoro, example of how these initiatives undermine the humble work of the Church in Islamic nations.

More deaths in the cartoon affair whilst some Muslim leaders urge not targeting "Christians"
In Afghanistan, four people die in the worst incident. Tehran and Damascus are hit by "spontaneous" protests. In Jordan and Yemen, editors are arrested for printing some of the cartoons.
Indonesian Muslims protest cartoons of Prophet Mohammed

Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators gather in front of the Danish embassy in Jakarta; protests also in other cities.  The Indonesian president joins in criticism, but invites the population to accept Denmark's apology.

Al-Qaeda casts its shadow over cartoon protests
A statement by a terrorist organisation calls on Muslim governments to withdraw ambassadors and investments from and stop selling oil to countries where the cartoons were printed. Iran and Syria   have an interest in keeping tensions high.
Denmark consulate in Beirut set ablaze in cartoon protest

More than 20 thousand protestors belonging to a new "National Movement for the Defence of the Prophet Mohammed", set alight the building, smashing shop windows and throwing stones to a church. The example of Syria.

The Mohammed cartoon strips: Islam shows its darkest face

The enormous wave of polemics, of governmental and popular initiatives against the publication of cartoon strips is provoking the rejection of Islam, which still finds itself ill at ease in modernity. Islamic governments are using the controversy to distract local public opinion from internal problems.

Muhammad cartoons provoke attacks and bombs
Protesters force their way into the Danish Embassy in Jakarta; a bomb is thrown at the French Cultural Centre in Gaza; demonstrations take place in Muslim countries. A Saudi minister calls on the Vatican to intervene.
Threats and dismissals over Muhammad cartoon strips

The French, Danes and Norwegians are "targets", warn some Palestinian militant groups Dismissed the director of  France Soir who published them, but there are still numerous European papers who are carrying them.  Hezbollah leaders evoke the Khomeini fatwa against Salman Rushdie.

Protests against "blasphemous" cartoons mounts in Islamic nations

Humorous cartoons published by a Danish newspaper are provoking widespread street protests, the closure of embassies and the boycott of supermarkets.  The Arab League and Organisations from the Islamic Conference announced their intention to seek a UN resolution which bans attacks on religious faiths.