China - Vatican:the illicit ordinations

Emirates: Hike in suicides among Indian migrants
Among the leading factors, economic problems and the fear of humiliation because of social debts to loan sharks. In the first half of 2014 at least 37 people killed themselves. They are usually members of the middle class who live above their means.
Bangladesh: Catholic appointed personal secretary to the Prime Minister
Her name is Namita Halder and she is a native of the diocese of Khulna. This is the first time a government official belonging to the Christian community has held such a role.
Pope: I am with the persecuted Christians of Mosul and the Middle East
"May the God of peace inspire in all a genuine desire for dialogue and reconciliation. Violence is never defeated with violence. Violence is defeated with peace." At the Sunday Angelus Francis comments on the parable of the wheat and the weeds. God is "patient" He knows "the same weeds in the end, may become good wheat". But "at the time of the harvest, that is, of judgment, the reapers will execute the order of the master separating the weeds to be burned".
Jaffna: government erodes freedom and dignity of Tamil people
A thousand people of all ethnicities and religions participate in a meeting to denounce the conditions in which the North’s Tamils are forced to live. Police desperately try to prevent the rally, even threatening some refugees.
Chinese couples flock to Bangkok to choose unborn child’s sex: a multi-million dollar business
Thailand is the only country in Asia where IVF treatment offers this possibility. And at a much lower cost than in the United States and South Africa. A turnover of over 150 million dollars and a 20% increase in demand per year. Catholic sources tell AsiaNews they hope the Church will speak out clearly on this matter.