China - Vatican:the illicit ordinations

Cardinals, monasteries and faithful worldwide join prayer campaign

The three Asian cardinals created by Benedict XVI have joined. Convents and priest are praying also for the conversion of the Patriotic Association and Liu Bainian.

Card. Zen: Chinese government is mistaken; all in China want to be led by pope

When a bishop is not chosen by the Holy See, priests usually refuse to concelebrate with him and believers keep their distance.

Undergound bishops in China ask for prayers for official priests facing pressure and threats

Following illicit ordinations – achieved through violence and deceit – the Patriotic Association subjects priests to political sessions and brainwashing to destroy their faithfulness to the pope.  AsiaNews supports the bishops' appeal.

Bishop Mgr Pei Junmin ordained with Pope's approval

He is the new coadjutor bishop of Shenyang. There was a large crowd of believers; most had to follow the ceremony on a large screen in a square outside the Cathedral.

Bishop approved by pope to be ordained tomorrow in Shenyang.

Fr Paul Pei Junmin will be ordained, described by the Vatican "an excellent candidate". The Patriotic Association is ever more isolated, while the government has kept silent about the Vatican statement condemning the illicit ordinations.

EU: Beijing should consider religious freedom as partner not threat

Democratic, Populist and Socialist speakers addressing the Foreign Affairs Commission of the European Union insisted on "necessary improvement of fundamental human freedoms in China."

US ambassador aligned with Vatican about religious freedom in China

Francis Rooney recalls the interventions of President Bush in China and in the meeting with Hu Jintao.

Holy See: illicit ordinations in China are a "serious violation of religious freedom"

A statement by Navarro speaks of the Pope's "profound distress", "pressures and threats" against bishops and priests, and recalls the "serious sanctions" foreseen by canon law.

Relations between China and the Holy See within five years, says Mgr Li Duan
The bishop of Xian says he is hopeful that diplomatic ties between Beijing and the Vatican will be re-established. What counts is the reunification of the Church in China and the Pope knows it—for this reason he has invited official and underground bishops to the Synod on the Eucharist, he says.
New bishop ordained in Anhui without Pope's permission

The Vatican sent a message to the candidate asking him to not go ahead.

Episcopal ordination in Kunming "destroys mutual trust between Holy See and Beijing"

Cardinal Zen "profoundly regrets" the illegal ordination of the bishop of Kunming, which took place "through pressure, threats, and it seems, even deceit". Kunming's Catholics feel "sorrow".

"A slap in the face against the Vatican": new episcopal ordination without pope's approval

To take place tomorrow in Anhui.  The Patriotic Association is preparing many other ordinations of bishops to bring about a crisis in dialogue between Beijing and the Holy See.

No to a state Church in China, says MEP
MEP Tajani tables a report on 30 years of EU-Chinese relations to Foreign Affairs Committee that covers human rights and religious freedom.
Card. Zen: "Suspend ordination of Kunming bishop"

In a fax sent this morning to officials of the diocese in Yunan, the cardinal "requested the ordaining bishop and co-ordaining bishops to suspend the episcopal ordination of Fr Ma Yinglin, because he has not received approval from the Holy See."

Chinese bishop to be ordained against Pope's wishes

The Patriotic Association, to defend its power, is jeopardizing signals of détente between Beijing and Rome.  The candidate would want to backtrack, but the P.A. wants to proceed at all costs.