Java Earthquake

Faisalabad: young Christians and Muslims for social peace, starting with traffic
About a hundred students took part in a symposium dedicated to social change, peace and harmony. Starting from the problem of traffic, the goal is to enhance social responsibility and promote greater education. From the new generations comes hope for change.
More than half the world's population lives in cities
India will lead the way, as the country's urban population is expected to swell by 404 million people between now and 2050. Tokyo will continue to top the mega-city list followed by Delhi, Shanghai, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Beijing, Osaka, and Cairo. This trend will be challenge for health care, schools, food, and housing.
Korean pop stars make music video to celebrate Pope Francis’ visit
The song is titled "Koinonia" and is a symbol of friendship and sharing, to "present to the Pope on his arrival". Argentinian Pope’s journey "a source of hope." The stars have signed up for free, because "it is an honor to be part of it”. The song will be preformed during the beatification ceremony of the Korean Martyrs.