The Pope misunderstood by Islam

Pope with ambassadors: much praise and some "buts" from Muslim world

In general, newspapers underlined the will to dialogue and respect for Islam. But a few still insist on apologies and recall the Crusades.

Manila: Muslim MP urges understanding, not criticism, of pope

Faysah RPM Dumarpa, elected in the district of Lanao del Sur, has encouraged the global Muslim community to understand the pontiff's words in Regensburg and to celebrate Ramadan in peace and understanding.

Radical Muslims against pope: two churches attacked in Mosul and Baghdad

Muslim militias have forced Christians to pin up posters condemning the words of Benedict XVI in Regensburg. But religious leaders, including al Sistani, have expressed their friendship with the Apostolic Nunciature. And the representative of the Iraqi Shiite leader would like to meet the pope.

Pope: dialogue between Muslims and Christians "a vital necessity"

Meeting diplomatic envoys from 22 Muslim majority countries, Benedict XVI upheld the value of "inter-religious and inter-cultural" dialogue among believers of different religions in a world that tends to exclude the value of transcendence. There was mention of the need for reciprocity in religious freedom. The entire text of the pope's speech has been published, translated in Arabic too.

Bangladeshi bishops defend a misunderstood Pope
After anti-Pope protests, the chairman of the local Bishops' Conference sends a statement to the local press to clarify what the Pope said. For the Pope, the dialogue with Muslims remains a necessity.
Pope: Sr Leonella Sgorbati, an authentic Christian witness

Benedict XVI upheld the Sister killed in Somalia as an example of "artisans of peace". He called for prayers for men of the sea and their families.

Pope to meet ambassadors from Muslim countries
The odd protest is still taking place in some Muslim countries. Pakistani scholars call for Benedict XVI'S removal. Former Iranian President Rafsanjani sees Muslim protests as a "blessing" for the Muslim world. But Russian muftis are satisfied with the Pope's explanations.
Ahmadinejad proclaims respect for pope but Iran has strange anti-Catholic coalition

Foreigners, Armenians and minorities have taken to the streets, but the "students" have not. Tomorrow, however, the Islamic Propagation Office has called a rally in Teheran to "show anger and hatred".

Rise above controversy about pope, say Lebanese bishops on day for peace

Religious services are scheduled as well as a roundtable with Christian and Muslim representatives, and a candlelit procession in the heart of Beirut. Mgr Matar has called on all to read the text of the address of Benedict XVI.

Syria's Grand Mufti says Pope's explanation "more than enough"

After meeting the Nuncio, the head of Sunni clerics called for respect for the personality of Benedict XVI and urged one and all to pursue the path of dialogue.

In Pakistan Christians and Muslims study Pope's speech together
Local Church is behind the meeting in Faisalabad. Muslims appreciate the initiative. The Pope's Regensburg speech will be translated into Urdu so that Muslim clerics can greater comprehension.
Sincere faith and dialogue are the only ways to peace between Christians and Muslims
From Zamboanga, where he heads the Muslim-Christian Silsilah Dialogue Movement, a PIME missionary sends AsiaNews his thoughts about the recent criticism in the Muslim world directed at the Pope's Regensburg speech. He urges everyone to bring God back into their everyday life.
Pope: I was misunderstood about Islam, may my words become an opportunity for dialogue

At the general audience, Benedict XVI said that at Regensburg, while tackling the topic of faith and reason, he had maintained that "not religion and violence but religion and reason go together". It was a call "to dialogue both among religions and between modern reason and Christian faith".

What the Christian Pope thinks about Islam matters to the Muslim world
Muslims' offended reaction to the Pope's Regensburg speech (or rather to the partial information reported by the media) shows how the Pontiff has become a kind of "arbiter" of universal morality to which even Muslims subscribe. Neither John Paul II nor Benedict XVI has ever adhered to the 'Clash of Civilisations' theory.
Armed guards in Bethlehem churches, but Christians are on pope's side

After the attacks in Gaza and West Bank that followed the address of the pope in Germany, strong security measures have been put in place around sensitive targets. Palestinian Christians say Benedict XVI does not need to apologize; at the most, he only needs to clarify. But meanwhile, out of fear, some people have hidden their photos of the pontiff.

More calls for dialogue in a Muslim world angered by Pope
The Holy See's diplomatic offensive seems to be working. Iran's parliament hopes the Pope won't fall "in the trap" set by those seeking a clash of civilisations. More and more Islamic media detail the Pope's full speech, demand greater knowledge of each other's religion.
Not all Teheran behind ayatollahs in anti-pope criticism

In the eyes of many Iranians, Benedict XVI enjoys considerable moral prestige for his criticism of the links between religion and violence. But Christians face the threat of increased marginalization.

A great sign of peace from the Pope, say Indian Muslim leaders
The chairman of the Indian Union Muslim League in Kerala and Lucknow's Shia spiritual leader express respect and admiration for Benedict XVI's clarification. Indian bishops stress the Pope's great regards fro the world's religions.
Pope only wants inter-faith harmony, Pakistani bishops say
Mgr Saldanha, chairman of the Bishops' Conference of Pakistan, calls Benedict XVI's clarification "a positive and courageous step" and hopes that the unfortunate incident would not negatively affect relations between Muslims and Christians.
Turkish bishops confirm trip of Benedict XVI will go ahead

Stops in Ankara, Istanbul and Ephesus are planned. The press is divided in its judgment about whether the pope's words in Castel Gandolfo yesterday qualify as a public apology or not.

Moderate voices in Lebanon urge people to read what the Pope actually said
The Shia mufti of Tyre urges people to what Benedict XVI said with calm and serenity. Patriarch Sfeir sees political motivations behind the reactions in some Muslim quarters.
The Pope and eastern and western terrorism
Pope's explanations not good enough for radical Islam
Threats, demonstrations and calls for protest continue in the Muslim world. Iran's Khamenei talks about a US-Zionist crusade, a Saudi paper evokes a clash of civilisations, al-Qaeda threatens more defeats and an Indonesian group wants to crucify the Pope.
Pope's trip at risk as Turkey becomes less secular
The controversy surrounding the Pope's speech on the relationship between Islam and violence seems to have been planned to bolster Turkey's fundamentalist nationalism. Turkish Christians call on moderate Muslims to speak out if they don't want their country to betray Atatürk's legacy and democracy.
Pope "truly sorry" for Muslim reactions but did not offend
Benedict XVI goes back over the interpretation given to his Regensburg speech to explain that he did not criticise the Islamic religion and naturally does not apologise.
Amid criticism and violence the first balanced views about the Pope's speech appear
Former Iranian President Khatami and current Indonesian President Susilo warn against jumping to conclusions.
Card.Toppo: "Face Islamic protests with truth, courage and prayer"

The president of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of India has told AsiaNews that the recent protests against the speech of Benedict XVI in Regensburg are a great gift to the Church, to be used at this historic moment in time to launch serious and lasting inter-faith dialogue.

Two churches struck in Nablus as Muslim countries criticize pope

Palestine, Kuwait, Malaysia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Algeria and even The New York Times have called on the pope to apologise. There are calls for Muslim ambassadors to leave the Vatican. Syria, Iran and al-Qaeda could play games.

Pope is sorry, reaffirms esteem for Islam and rejection of violence

Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, new Vatican Secretary of State, today issued a statement clarifying the words of Benedict XVI in Regensburg.

Islamic nationalists in Turkey protest against visit of Benedict XVI

The media shrouded the trip to Germany in silence, broken only to refer to a citation against Islam used by Pope Ratzinger, indicated as an example of what can be expected from the visit of an anti-Islamic in Turkey. The details of the papal trip have been laid down.

The Pope's speech: lending Islam a helping hand to avoid a downward spiral
Muslim criticism against the Pope's remarks is mounting, but no one has actually read the whole speech. Benedict XVI criticises violence and proposes a reasonable alternative that could lead to a new Golden Age.
Benedict XVI's words spark calls for apologies and requests for clarification in theIslamic world

A Turkisk government official asks for the Pope's trip to be cancelled, Pakistan's parliament is asking for a retractation, Muslim Brotherhood for an apology.  Catholic schools closed "for precaution" in two Indian states.  But there are also those who are requesting clarifications and are saying that the Pope did not mean to offend.

Controversy about Pope and Islam useless, open to manipulation
Benedict XVI's references to Islam in a lecture he gave at the University of Regensburg have generated protests and discussions in India, home to 120 million Muslims. Catholics defend the Pope and criticise the media for publishing remarks that are taken out of context and oly fuel the controversy.
Pope worried only about the "religious motivation of violence"
In an official statement, the Holy See responds to the angry criticism vented at Benedict XVI by some Muslim leaders who call on him to apologise to Islam as whole for his conceited, unfortunate and arrogant attitude.
Pope's remarks misused by Islamo-nationalists, vicar apostolic says
Taken out of context, the Pope's remarks have raised a storm against his planned visit to Turkey. For Mgr Padovese security is not a real issue. Since Fr Andrea Santoro's murder every priest has a police escort.
Pope: Faith and reason to escape violence and suicide of Enlightenment

We present in full the address delivered by Benedict XVI today at the University of Regensburg. There is a note from the Holy See press office: The Holy Father intends to supply a subsequent version of this text, complete with footnotes. The present text must therefore be considered provisional.