The man had worked in Afghanistan for over a decade and carried out water projects in rural areas. Last April, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani granted him honorary citizenship. Hundreds of Afghans publish photographs of Nakamura, condemning the killing and stressing how respected the Japanese doctor was.

| 05/12/2019
by Nirmala Carvalho

A couple from Mumbai fears the hospital swapped the infant. Indian doctor: "The moral, social and cultural aspects of surrogacy create uncertainty in relationships, especially in a couple who are desperately looking for a child".

| 05/12/2019
by Emanuele Scimia

The new US legislation is aimed at safeguarding Hong Kong’s autonomy, but many believe the Trump administration will not put the territory’s special trade status at risk. Hong Kong is the eighth largest market for US exports according to the International Monetary Fund, and 1,344 US companies operate in the autonomous territory. Nonetheless, the Act is a blow to Xi Jinping and the CCP, according to a former top Pentagon official.

| 05/12/2019
by Melani Manel Perera

The archbishop of Colombo was invited by the Palestinian ambassador to the Christmas tree lighting ceremony at the Embassy. For the occasion, an oil lamp was brought from Bethlehem. For the cardinal, peace will never be achieved unless “Palestinians live with dignity in their own state". The three great religions “must learn to unite people, not divide them” whilst “world powers must not intrude”.

| 04/12/2019
by Shafique Khokhar

The idea was inspired by the local archbishop’s Advent message to “keep your eyes open for the needs of the poor". The parents and their four-year-old daughter served the guests. The guests also received small gifts. The father is happy “that we are bringing up good Christian kids”.

| 04/12/2019
by Mathias Hariyadi

The archbishop led a Mass to mark his cardinalship. Scores of Catholic figures and hundreds of former seminarians attended the service. The cardinal told the faithful to be compassionate and “follow up the good hopes for the Saviour's arrival, showing mercy to your neighbours.”


| 04/12/2019

Francis writes to the UN Climate Conference in Madrid. 4 years on from the signing of the Paris agreement the awareness of climate change " is still rather weak, unable to respond adequately to that strong sense of urgency for rapid action called for by the scientific data at our disposal." And current studies "show how far words are from concrete actions".


| 04/12/2019
by Wei Jingsheng

Emperor Chongzhen lost himself in the internal struggles of the palace and did not worry about making peace with external enemies. He used repression as the only way to keep the people submissive. He had a falsely patriotic and arrogant ruling class. Xi Jinping is a perfect "brother" of Chongzhen, who ended his life by hanging himself and losing his empire. A reflection of the "father of democracy" in China.



| 04/12/2019

Fr Lê Ngọc Thanh, pastor at the Sáu Bọng church in Cần Thơ, reported the incident. “There were three to four people stationed every metre from the church,” he said. “They did not let veterans sit outside”. Redemptorist Fathers launched a programme to help disabled veterans in 2013.

| 04/12/2019

The Chaldean patriarchate cancelled all Christmas and New Year celebrations. The money saved will go to orphanages and hospitals, to treat the wounded. Christians are part of Iraq’s "reform movement” for a pluralist "new Iraq", but they also need "support" from the West. Christians must "read the signs of the times" and assert that "Christ is for everyone".

| 04/12/2019

"Faith is trusting abandonment into the hands of a trustworthy God Who makes Himself known not through occult practices but through revelation and with freely-give love". The memory of Father Popieluszko, killed by the communist police. In the meeting with the Governing Council of Solidarnosc the relations between Church and State.

| 04/12/2019

The "voluntary repatriation" operations took place through the border crossing points of Masnaa, Qaa, Abboudiyé and Zamrani. Damascus collaborated with the authorities in Beirut. Before leaving, children given vaccination. At the height of the crisis, Lebanon welcomed nearly two million refugees.

| 04/12/2019
by Vladimir Rozanskij

His superiors removed him from his parish so he drives a taxi to support his family. Being a taxi driver allows him to be a priest in contact with "real life". "A chance encounter in a car between strangers can mean much more to a person than so many fiery sermons from the ambo".

| 04/12/2019

Completed in 2024, it will be able to supply 38 billion cubic meters of gas to Shanghai and beyond. The contract signed in 2014 had seen discussions between Moscow and Beijing since 1994.

| 04/12/2019
Denise Ho Thanksgiving (credits to Guardians of Hong Kong)
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