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Francis celebrated Simbang Gabi (Night Mass) with Rome’s Filipino community. “Salvation is offered to all,” he said, “but the Lord shows a special tenderness for the most vulnerable, the most fragile, the poorest of his people.” And “since the inhabitants of the existential peripheries still continue to be numerous, we must ask the Lord to renew the miracle of Christmas every year, offering ourselves as instruments of his merciful love for the last.”



Caritas Philippines opens a social action academy in Tagaytay City to provide technical training and improve diocesan preparedness. The Archbishop of Manila hopes the centre “will not only contribute to the Philippines and to Asia but to the growth of wisdom and professionalism to the Church.”

| 14/12/2019
by Nirmala Carvalho

The Catholic Bishops' Conference of India is calling on dioceses to offer courses to help families. In-Laws intrusiveness is among the first causes of divorce. Feeling alone, elderly parents try to build extended families in search of company.

| 14/12/2019

Traffic Department Commissioner hopes “the public will use the opportunity to settle any outstanding summonses.” The day before and after Christmas, people can visit traffic police headquarters. Such discounts were also offered earlier this year for Chinese New Year celebrations.


| 14/12/2019

The prisoners were set for execution in late October, outgoing President Sirisena’s last act as head of state. Justices heard petitions saying the death penalty violates the equality provision of the constitution.

| 13/12/2019

Religious Affairs Ministry released survey data indicating that the best provinces are Christian majority West Papua and East Nusa Tenggara. The worse is Aceh, a "special territory" on Sumatra ruled by Sharia. Jakarta Metro Police announced a security plan for Christmas and New Year celebrations.

| 13/12/2019

India’s president signs citizenship bill into law. Police imposed curfew in Guwahati following yesterday’s protests. For Catholic activist, the law “brings terror to the national level”. Muslim leader says, “We will continue to protest even with civil disobedience.”

| 13/12/2019

The 14th session of the Intergovernmental Committee currently underway in Bogotá (Colombia) announced additions, like the Celestinian Forgiveness, an annual Catholic religious tradition in Abruzzo that goes back 725 years. Islam is also included with the festival of Arba'in in Iraq.

| 13/12/2019

In a video, the Chaldean primate praises the document signed by the Pope and the Grand Imam of al-Azhar at a conference sponsored by the French Senate. In Iraq, protesters make unprecedented demands. Confessional conflicts are a "scandal". Constitution, citizenship and infrastructure are needed to revive the country.


| 13/12/2019

"It is decisive for the Church and for the credibility of her proclamation that she be a living firsthand witness to mercy. Her language and gestures must convey mercy to penetrate the hearts of people and spur them on to find their way back to the Father ".

| 13/12/2019
by Vladimir Rozanskij

The Orthodox Church speaks out in defense of the embryo as a fundamental right of the person. The topic has been hotly debated in the country for weeks.

| 13/12/2019
by Pierre Balanian

The young man complained about protesters burning tires in the street near his home. The crowd stirred up violence against the young man and took selfies. The body was desecrated. Shia religious authorities and the government condemn the incident. Videos posted on Twitter.


| 13/12/2019

The faithful will be able to go abroad, but not visit the holy places and holy cities in Israel and the West Bank. Military sources speak of "security issues" behind the decision. The disappointment of the Christians of the Strip. Christian leaders announce an appeal. Israeli activist: strengthening of the "separation" policy between the two Palestinian areas.

| 13/12/2019

British Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson's party won a large majority in Parliament in yesterday's elections. The spokesman of the Japanese government: "We have asked the United Kingdom and the European Union to avoid a no-deal Brexit ". In 2018, trade between London and Tokyo for 35.47 billion euros.

| 13/12/2019
by Shafique Khokhar

The lawyers ransacked the Punjab Institute of Cardiology to avenge the alleged maltreatment of colleagues by healthcare personnel. The doctors are on strike and the sick are not receiving medicines. They "believe they are above the law".

| 13/12/2019
Denise Ho Thanksgiving (credits to Guardians of Hong Kong)
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