The meeting was held yesterday in the summer presidential headquarters of Beiteddine.  Focus on Art.95 of the Constitution on confessionalism and quotas in public institutions.  Cardinal believes the selection criterion based on "experience and competence".  A defense strategy to safeguard the country from external tensions.

| 22/08/2019
by Shafique Khokhar

Tensions continue in the border state after Jammu and Kashmir loses its special status. Christians, Hindus and Baha'is call for peace and pray Indian Prime Minister Modi abandon the idea of ​​war.


| 21/08/2019
by Sumon Corraya

Survivors say they could smell kerosene when their homes were burning. Residents blame Md. Elias Uddin Mollah, an Awami League MP. Caritas will start distributing aid.

| 21/08/2019
by Paul Nguyen Hung

Students from the dioceses of Mỹ Tho, Phú Cường and Phan Thiết took part in the initiative undertaken by the St Joseph Major Seminary. The group attended some courses on social work theory, practice and methodology. Participants helped take care of hungry children as well as children with HIV and cancer. For Mgr Joseph Đỗ Mạnh Hùng, “We must pray for ourselves to face this huge demand.”

| 21/08/2019

The Indian-born TV preacher is thought to have inspired the 2016 Dhaka massacre. Malaysian police received more than a hundred complaints about racially motivated statements attributed to him. Naik has questioned the loyalty of Malaysia’s Hindu minority and claimed that ethnic Chinese people are guests in the country.

| 21/08/2019
by Paul Wang

Former Financial Secretary John Tsang calls for dialogue, forgiveness and reconciliation between protesters and government. Chief Executive Carrie Lam says she is open for dialogue, but refuses to meet the demands of the anti-extradition movement. Simon Cheng Man-kit, 28, is in "administrative detention" in Shenzhen. Yesterday, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said it knew nothing of his fate; today it confirmed that he was in “administrative detention”. For China, he is Chinese, hence subject to Chinese law.

| 21/08/2019

At the general audience in the Paul VI hall, Pope Francis highlights the practice of sharing and helping the poor, typical of the first Christian communities.  The positive example of Barnabas;  the negative example of Ananias and Sapphira, marked by hypocrisy.  "A life set only on profiting and taking advantage of situations at the expense of others inevitably causes inner death".  The little girl who played in front of the pontiff.


| 21/08/2019

 Originally the date was August 27th.  Those who do not leave the metropolis on a voluntary basis will be expelled.  The irregular will be given the opportunity to register in the other provinces of the country, with the exception of Antalya.  Students and workers with permits are exempted from the decree.



| 21/08/2019

In the north of the region, violent skirmishes between government troops and militias of the Northern Alliance.  The cities of Naung Cho, Kyaukme, Lashio, Kutkai and Theinni are now deserted.  Humanitarian organizations fear the rise of displaced people, so far given refuge in Buddhist monasteries.  The price of rice skyrockets.

| 21/08/2019

Judge S Vaidyanathan had written that mixed classes are "very dangerous" for girls and that Christian missionaries are often accused of carrying out forced conversions.  The objection of Bishops, of the National Commission for minorities, of women's associations.


| 21/08/2019

The Court of Appeal of three judges dismissed the appeal by 2 to 1. He remains in prison, serving a sentence of six years.  Card. Pell's lawyers plans to appeal to the High Court.  The note from the Vatican.


| 21/08/2019

Atambaev surrendered to police on 8 August after a two-day stand-off between his supporters and law enforcement. The former leader refused to respond to three subpoenas for crimes committed during his presidency. He is now also accused of murder and attempted coup.


| 20/08/2019
by Nirmala Carvalho

For the Court, Christian missionaries are also involved in forced conversions. Christian college educator has been accused of harassment of 34 female students. For Tamil Nadu bishop, such accusations are regrettable in an atmosphere charged with sectarianism.

| 20/08/2019
by Paul Wang

In 2016 Jeremy Tam-Man-Ho was elected to the Legco in the pro-democracy party.  Beijing forces Cathay Pacific to set aside or fire all those who participated in the anti-extradition demonstrations because they pose a "security" risk.


| 20/08/2019
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