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mediazioni e arbitrati, risoluzione alternativa delle controversie e servizi di mediazione e arbitrato
World Bank investment in Tajikistan to lead the country out of isolation
The international organisation is helping to develop trade between Central Asian countries. The transformative project includes road links between Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. Tajikistan's Transport Ministry plans to improve road management. The World Bank has granted so far US$ 978 million.
Dushanbe (AsiaNews) -  The Board of Executive Directors of the World Bank Group (which includes five organisations) on February 15 approved the allocation of US$ 45 million to fund the second phase of...

China, a record 2014 for loans to Latin America
Beijing has lent $ 22 billion a year to the South American continent and is poised to break the of 2010 record, when the figure touched 37 billion. Analysts warn: "China may tacitly require that Chinese companies have a hand in some projects". "Diplomacy of the yuan" continues to spread from Southeast Asia to Africa.
02/27/2015 HONG KONG
Hong Kong, employer who tortured Indonesia maid jailed for six years
The case of Erwiana Sulistyaningsih rocked the former British colony. The immigrant, without friends or relatives, lived as a domestic worker in the home of Law Wan-tung: the woman abused her in every possible way and then tried to smuggle her home. The judge: "A regrettable story ". The victim: "Not completely satisfied"
02/26/2015 JAPAN
Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology against freezing eggs because of harm on health
A panel under the society tells young and healthy women not to preserve their frozen eggs for use by age 45. Japan's low birth cannot be solved this way. The need for women to take drugs is also harmful for their health.
02/26/2015 BANGLADESH
Prostitution and forced labour: trafficking in human beings in Bangladesh
by Sumon Corraya
The Asian country is a source and a transit point for victims. The cases involving women and children are the most documented, but men are victims are well. Boys under ten are more likely to be entangled in this traffic; girls tend to be aged 11 to 16. Some of victims go to the Gulf countries. In Bangladesh, the local Caritas helps the victims.

02/26/2015 TAIWAN
Lent in Taiwan: proclaiming the Gospel by defending migrants
by Xin Yage
Migrant workers face a tough situation on the island. Their rights are denied, their contracts are not respected, and some of them have been tortured by their employers. After years of legal and cultural struggles, things are getting better. The Church and its affiliated groups help workers become better integrated in their milieus. Mhike So's story illustrates this fight for justice for those who have none.
02/26/2015 INDIA
Swine flu, more than 900 deaths in India since the beginning of the year
It is the worst epidemic since 2010. More than 16 thousand cases of infection recorded throughout the country. The worst affected States are Rajashtan and Gujarat. In Ahmedabad, the government prohibits gatherings of more than five people, and requires the use of a face mask at weddings and funerals
02/25/2015 MACAO - CHINA
Beijing's anti-corruption drive sinks Macau casinos
Casino revenue in the former Portuguese colony slumped for the eight month in a row, leading casino shares to perform poorly on the benchmark Hang Seng Index. Macau authorities announce restrictions on mainland visitors. Xi Jinping urged the city to change direction.
02/25/2015 EGYPT
As Egypt's tourist sector takes a hit, few people take part in the ceremony honouring Ramses II
by André Azzam
Twice a year, a ceremony is held for the pharaoh. The 2011 revolution sank the tourist sector with revenues dropping last year by US$ 385 million. A group of 500 disabled people take part in the overnight celebration, courtesy of the Egyptian Minister of Youth and Sports.
02/25/2015 SRI LANKA
Sri Lanka, the government returns Paanama village to its inhabitants
by Melani Manel Perera
The land had been expropriated by the previous administration for tourist purposes. For years, the local population had launched a campaign to regain their property. Local leader: "Despite threats and abuse, we have had the courage to go on."
02/25/2015 BANGLADESH
Bangladesh, arrest warrant for opposition leader Khaleda Zia
The president of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) did not show up at a hearing for the two cases of corruption. She is charged with having taken more than 600 thousand euro for two charities created on behalf of her husband when she was Prime Minister. Zia: "Political move to eliminate me."
02/23/2015 EGYPT-LIBYA
Escape from Libyan hell: Egyptian migrants tell of ordeal and Islamic State torture
by André Azzam
Over 10 thousand Egyptians have returned. Many of them, kidnapped by Muslim gangs, were forced to work without food and water. Several were marked on the scalp with an "S" out of contempt for al-Sisi, the Egyptian president. At least 45 of the returnees need medical and psychological care to help them deal with shock.
02/22/2015 VATICAN
Pope gifts "Guard your heart" booklet as an aid to conversion in Lent
At today's Angelus Pope Francis gave away booklets containing "the wealth of our doctrine," the essentials of the faith: "the seven sacraments, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, the Ten Commandments, the virtues, works of mercy. .. ". The booklet was distributed by volunteers and homeless people. "Those who are in need are also the ones who give us this great wealth." Lent is a time "for spiritual battle against the spirit of evil", already won by Jesus in the desert. "We go into the desert without fear, because we are not alone, we are with Jesus." This afternoon, the Pope goes to Ariccia on retreat with the Curia: "Pray so that in this desert we can hear the voice of Jesus and correct our many defects".
02/21/2015 CHINA
Year of the Goat: Forecasts for trade the lowest in 8 years
Less credit from banks, deflation, low prices lead to pessimism. The central bank has reduced interest rates and decreased the level of commercial bank reserves. It will be "a difficult year".
Drug trafficking and diplomacy: Jakarta recalls its ambassador to Brazil
by Mathias Hariyadi
The President Dilma Rousseff has not accepted the credentials of the Indonesian delegate, in protest against the death sentence of a Brazilian citizen for drug dealing. The man is scheduled to be executed next week, but is schizophrenic. Indonesia confirms the executions of seven foreign drug traffickers and a compatriot.

Altri articoli
02/21/2015 BANGLADESH
Benetton backtracks and agrees to compensate Rana Plaza collapse victims
02/20/2015 SOUTH KOREA
Rising number of migrant children abandoned by their parents and the government
02/20/2015 IRAQ-USA
Iraqi army (and US) to launch offensive on Mosul in April-May
02/20/2015 THAILAND
Thailand bans surrogacy services for foreigners
02/19/2015 LAOS - THAILAND
Laos and Thailand to fight jointly against the trafficking of women
02/19/2015 RUSSIA - UKRAINE
Ukrainian Orthodox Church accuses Filaret of asking Kiev to continue the war by Nina Achmatova
02/19/2015 QATAR - EGYPT
Doha recalls its ambassador from Egypt after air raids on Libya
02/18/2015 ASIA
The Far East celebrates the Year of the Goat with trips home, lobsters and political controversy
02/18/2015 RUSSIA
First Islamic bank in Russia could open in 2015
02/17/2015 EGYPT - LIBYA - ISLAM
The heart of Egypt moved and devastated by André Azzam
02/17/2015 CHINA
China, anti-corruption campaign takes down more senior officials
02/16/2015 SRI LANKA - INDIA
Sri Lanka, the new president chooses India to "deter” China
02/16/2015 ISLAM - EUROPE
Attack on Europe: Islamic terrorism brings a new era by Samir Khalil Samir
Astana, ruling party calls for early Presidential election
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As 'Adopt a Christian from Mosul' continues, Mosul bishop notes that Jesus is born amid refugee containers
by Amel NonaPersecuted by the Islamic state, refugees have lost everything: belongings, home, jobs, school, and their future. Yet, their faith and mission remain strong. For them, almost 900,000 euros have been raised and sent. Pope Francis sends a message of closeness. The campaign continues according to the Patriarch of Baghdad's proposal of fasting and moderation at Christmas and New Year, with the money saved offered to the Christians of Mosul.
Top 10
Copts beheaded in Libya: the families’ Calvary, the pain of Muslims
by André Azzam
For head of Al-Azhar, religious education reform is needed to stop Islamic extremism
02/23/2015 EGYPT-LIBYA
Escape from Libyan hell: Egyptian migrants tell of ordeal and Islamic State torture
by André Azzam
02/24/2015 EGYPT - ISLAM
What Tayeb and Sisi said is big step towards a revolution in Islam
by Samir Khalil Samir
Drug trafficking and diplomacy: Jakarta recalls its ambassador to Brazil
by Mathias Hariyadi
02/25/2015 SYRIA
IS abducts 150 Christians, rapes and kills women, a "tragic situation" for vicar to Aleppo
02/20/2015 VATICAN
Pope: "a good Christian is just to the people who depend on him"
02/20/2015 INDIA - EGYPT
Card. Gracias: May the Martyrdom of the Egyptian Copts bring dialogue and peace among all religions
by Card. Oswald Gracias*
02/20/2015 SOUTH KOREA
Rising number of migrant children abandoned by their parents and the government
02/20/2015 IRAQ-USA
Iraqi army (and US) to launch offensive on Mosul in April-May


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