29 May 2016
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  • mediazioni e arbitrati, risoluzione alternativa delle controversie e servizi di mediazione e arbitrato

    28/05/2016 - INDONESIA

    In a pastoral letter, Mgr Ignatius Suharyo calls on the faithful to heed the plea in Pope Francis’ Laudato Si. Pollution and deforestation have placed a huge burden on Indonesia’s environment. In the past 15 years, some ten million acres of forests have been lost. Working for the environment meets a moral call and needs new rules of conduct.

    by Mathias Hariyadi

    27/05/2016 - SENEGAL – CHINA

    China plundering the last forests of Senegal

    In a video shot with a drone, Senegal’s former environment minister denounces rosewood smuggling. Favoured by smugglers and sold to Chinese traders, the precious timber is taken from a region bordering Gambia where native forests have virtually disappeared. Beijing’s neo-imperialism continues in Africa as it gets unfettered assess to raw materials from local leaders without strings attached.

    27/05/2016 - INDIA

    Modi after two years: economic boom, and Hindu nationalist revival

    India’s PM acknowledges the huge task ahead. More economic growth, investments and largescale projects are still to come. However, this has included a crackdown on freedom of expression, and tense relations with India’s neighbours, upset by its geopolitical ambitions.

    27/05/2016 - NEPAL

    Kathmandu uncovers cocaine racket selling drugs to Europe

    by Christopher Sharma

    Four people of different nationalities arrested. 2.6 kilos of drugs and 1.3 million rupees Seized. The band refers to Nigeria but has contacts with all continents. Political instability and corruption have encouraged the growth of trafficking in the country.

    27/05/2016 - JAPAN - G7

    Migrants and tensions with Beijing closes Iseshima G7

    The leaders gathered in Japan express "concern" about the tensions in Asia caused by the "renewed protagonism" of China, and define the migrant crisis "a global problem to be addressed on a global level". Each nation should strive to resolve the crisis with the means deemed most appropriate, the real issue is the need "to strengthen global demand while maintaining debt at sustainable levels."

    26/05/2016 - SRI LANKA

    Caritas hands out aid to flood victims and homeless people

    by Melani Manel Perera

    Heavy rains hit 237,000 people, including some 62,000 forced out of their homes. Death toll now stands at 102. Government has set up 250 sites for people displaced by floods. Catholic bishops have appealed to fellow Sri Lankans’ solidarity, and churches have opened their doors. Catholics and Buddhists are donating money slated for other uses, like personal birthday, and the Buddha’s own birthday.

    26/05/2016 - CHINA - VATICAN

    Evangelize China for the good of society, demanding an end to persecution

    by Bernardo Cervellera

    Official and underground Christians have celebrated the World Day of Prayer for the Church in China, wanted by Benedict XVI. In a China marked by individualism and corruption, academics and scholars advise greater freedom for the economy and religious freedom for communities. Religions, viewed with suspicion by the leadership, are actually one of the few glues for a supportive and creative society. The strange silence of some commentators on persecution. The priority is formation of the clergy, the religious, the faithful. Now is the opportune time for the evangelization of China.


    26/05/2016 - MYANMAR

    Government returns land confiscated by the military in the north

    The beneficiaries are the residents of Tant-If, in the northwest of the country. Of the 4 thousand acres expropriated under the Ne Win dictatorship, only 1,200 remain in state hands. After 35 years, the junta agricultural project is acknowledged as a failure.


    25/05/2016 - NEPAL

    As Everest kills again, Nepali authorities try to downplay the challenges

    by Christopher Sharma

    As a result of the 2015 earthquake, old trails and tracks were wiped out, a major blow to one of the mainstays of Nepal’s economy recovers. In recent days, three climbers and a Sherpa died, which has led the authorities to downplay the gravity of the situation, noting that climbing “is not an easy task” and that people do die in accidents.

    25/05/2016 - VIETNAM

    Vinh: Masses and torchlight processions for justice in sea pollution case

    Catholics took to the streets last Saturday to defend their bishop, vilified by state media. Mgr Hop had accused government authorities of ineptitude in tackling the environmental disaster. The diocese’s presbytery council signed a petition addressed to the authorities. Fishermen are caught between dead fish and Beijing’s fishing ban.

    24/05/2016 - SINGAPORE – ITALY – VATICAN

    Singapore president in Italy to meet Pope Francis

    Tony Tan Keng Yam arrived in Rome on Sunday. He will visit the Holy See next Saturday, a first for a Singapore president. This “is a significant event” for the Catholic Church in the city-state. “We are fortunate to be held in high regard and receive great support from the government.”

    24/05/2016 - IRAN – INDIA – AFGHANISTAN

    Delhi, Tehran and Kabul sign historic Chabahar port agreement

    India grants a US$ 500 million line of credit to build and maintain the facility. Indian goods will be able to reach Central Asia and Europe, halving time and costs. The port will be directly linked to Afghanistan. The goal is to boost cooperation and take advantage of the end of sanctions in Iran.

    22/05/2016 - VATICAN

    Pope: May Chinese Catholics become concrete sign of love and reconciliation

    After the Angelus, Francis remembers the Day of Prayer for the Church in China, which falls on May 24: "Let us ask Mary to give to his children in China the ability to discern at all times the signs of the loving presence of God, that always welcomes and forgives. " Before the Marian prayer, a reflection on the Holy Trinity: "This feast invites us to engage in the daily events to be leaven of communion, of consolation and of mercy."

    20/05/2016 - CHINA

    China’s online propaganda generates 488 million “positive” comments a year

    A study by Gary King and his research team found that China has invested in generating favourable online comments. In addition to government employees, anti-change volunteers do their part. Currently, a nationwide drive is underway to get 10.5 million youth volunteers to banish Western influence from social media.

    20/05/2016 - IRAN

    Western governments invite banks and enterprises to promote trade with Iran

    United States, France, Germany and the United Kingdom encourage companies and financial institutions to resume relations with Tehran. The removal of sanctions is only partial and obstacles remain amid fears of retaliation by some governments. So far, European banks have been "timid" in the resumption of relations with Iran.


    19/05/2016 - HONG KONG – CHINA

    Beijing realising that its iron fist might lose it Hong Kong

    For Lee Cheuk-yan, pan-democratic lawmaker and pro-democracy activist, the mainland seems to have realised that hardline confrontation can only spark an independence movement. During a meeting with China’s third ranking leader, four pan-democratic lawmakers called for the ouster of Hong Kong’s chief executive. A Communist Party paper calls it “a sharp demand”, but “that is part of their rights to ask”.

    19/05/2016 - NEPAL

    Arson destroys 1,400 hectares of Nepali forest

    by Christopher Sharma

    19/05/2016 - VATICAN

    Pope: The exploitation of labour is a mortal sin

    "We consider this drama of today: the exploitation of the people, the blood of these people who become slaves, the traffickers of people—and not just those who deal in prostitutes and children for child labour, but that trafficking we might call “civilized”: “I’ll pay you this much, without vacation, without health care, without… everything under the table… But I will become rich!”'.

    19/05/2016 - PHILIPPINES

    Filipino bishop: To soon to judge contentious Duterte. No to death penalty

    Msgr. Broderick Pabillo, Auxiliary of Manila, says that "the newly elected president has introduced a language of hatred and violence into the political landscape. We do not know how much of what he says is just propaganda". The mayor of Davao wants to ban alcohol, impose a curfew on minors and reintroduce hanging. "Death is never the way to build a better life."

    19/05/2016 - EGYPT

    EgyptAir flight disappears over Mediterranean

    The plane disappeared from radar a few minutes before landing. 66 people were on the flight, 56 passengers, seven crew members and three security people. Impact on tourism.


    18/05/2016 - MYANMAR

    Police arrest 76 labour rights protesters near Naypyadaw

    Those detained were part of a group that started off on a march to the capital three weeks ago. Stopped not far from the city limits, marchers were arrested and handcuffed. Many from a plywood firm joined the march to protest failed talks with the company and unfair dismissals.

    18/05/2016 - SRI LANKA

    Heavy rains provoke mudslides, 150 people buried

    by Melani Manel Perera

    For three days, heavy rains have been battering the island nation. So far, the official death toll stands at 35 with 350,000 people displaced. A huge landslide in the central Province swept away 66 houses and 400 residents. About 250 have been rescued, and there is little hope for the others.

    18/05/2016 - SOUTH KOREA

    Korean literature and cinema taking the West by storm

    Writer Han Kang won the prestigious Man Booker International Prize, a first for a South Korean. South Korean literature in translation has carved a major niche in the British market. South Korean feature films, screenwriters and directors are also playing a leading role. K-culture reaches out to the West whilst sticking to its values.

    18/05/2016 - CHINA - USA

    Price war: Washington increases taxes on Chinese steel by 500%

    The steel industry in China is over-producing and domestic demand is low due to the economic crisis. Tax cuts and a devalued yuan facilitate exports. The US steel industry has lost 12 thousand jobs. Calls for a ban of Chinese imports of steel to International Trade Commission.

    17/05/2016 - CAMBODIA

    As drought continues in Cambodia, water shortages force children to stay away from school

    Only one school in three can provide pupils with drinking water. In some places, up to 40 per cent of students are staying away. UNICEF figures show that 24 per cent of children are underweight. A ministerial order “cut the school day by one hour to avoid tiring children too much,” said PIME missionary. But rain is falling in some provinces.

    17/05/2016 - HONG KONG – CHINA

    "I want universal suffrage" banner welcomes Zhang Dejiang to Hong Kong

    The chairman of the National People’s Congress, who also heads the party's leading group on Hong Kong and Macau affairs, arrived in the former British colony today. He is the highest ranking mainland official to visit Hong Kong since 2012. Pro-democracy advocates welcome him with a huge banner calling for universal suffrage. A former Guangdong governor, Zhang said he came to see, listen, and talk. Security seize journalists’ umbrellas, symbol of the 2014 protests.

    17/05/2016 - INDIA

    Indian doctor: Giving birth at 72 years of age, the result of the globalization of indifference

    by Nirmala Carvalho

    The story of an elderly woman becoming a mother has raised the debate on "inhuman and immoral medical practices." India has become a preferred destination for medical tourism. Fertility industry yields over 4.4 billion euro per year. Clinics that allow the in vitro treatments and offer surrogacy services are scattered throughout the country.


    16/05/2016 - SOUTH KOREA – IRAN – SAUDI ARABIA

    Closer South Korean-Iranian relations threaten to unleash Riyadh’s wrath

    MOUs worth US$ 45 billion were signed during President Park Geun-hye’s visit to Iran. Some analysts are concerned about skewed relations at a time when sanctions have not been completely lifted. Saudi oil is at stake. Saudis would like to see a Seoul street named after the Saudi capital.

    16/05/2016 - VIETNAM

    For Justice and Peace Commission, Hanoi hindered fish death investigation, beat protesters

    by J.B. Nam Nguyen

    Commission president Mgr Paul Nguyen Thai Hop issued a pastoral letter slamming "the government’s iron fist against protesters who demand the restoration of a clean environment”. Thousands of dead fish began showing up a month and half ago due to pollution by the Hung Nghiep steel, threatening human health. "As Pope Francis wrote in Laudato si, we cannot tolerate crimes against nature, which are sins against God."

    14/05/2016 - CENTRAL ASIA - SOUTH ASIA

    Launch of CASA-1000 power grid project between Central and South Asia

    Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan will provide electricity to Afghanistan and Pakistan. It will cost 1.2 billion dollars and will be completed by 2018. All contractor-countries stand to benefit economically and ensure regional stability. The power supply to Pakistan will avoid blackouts in the summer, causing hundreds of victims among the population.


    14/05/2016 - ASIA

    WHO: Asia home to world’s most polluted cities

    Foremost Peshawar, Pakistan, which has a concentration of fine particles of 540 micrograms / m3. The threshold established by WHO is 20 mg / m3. In India there are four of the five most polluted cities in the world. Each year 7 million people die of causes related air pollution.


    Editor's choices

    Baghdad Patriarch calls on Christians and Muslims to pray for peace between May and Ramadan

    Joseph Mahmoud

    Baghdad’s Queen of the Rosary Church will host an interfaith prayer against violence and terrorism next Monday. The Chaldean Patriarch launched the initiative, reiterating there are no military options but prayer against conflicts affecting "innocent people". He also urged Muslims to think about renewing their way of thinking and culture.

    Pope Francis and the Grand Imam of Al Azhar, the said and the "unsaid"

    Samir Khalil Samir

    There are many positive aspects in the meeting between the Pope and the supreme Sunni authority, along with silence on some issues. For Al Tayyib Islam has nothing to do with terrorism. But Isis uses the black flag of Muhammad, the prophet's sword, the sentences of the Koran. The terrorists take their bloodthirsty statements from many imams. The urgency of a new renaissance of Islam, reinterpreting tradition in modernity: a task interrupted by fundamentalism.


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